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Dr. Bill Petty is the co-founder, former CEO and Chairman of Exactech, a company that makes orthopedic implants. Petty, an orthopedic surgeon and his co-founder Gary Miller, a biomechanics engineer, realized in 1985 that replacing shoulders, hips and knees would be a lot more effective if manufacturers talked more to surgeons to figure out what they really needed. Petty, along with his wife Betty, built up Exactech from a small Gainesville, Florida startup to a global company with 900 employees in 7 countries.




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Inventors and their inventions. Welcome to radio Cade and podcast from the cave museum for creativity and invention in Gainesville, Florida, the museum is named after James Robert Cade, who invented Gatorade in 1965. My name is Richard Miles. We'll introduce you to inventors and the things that motivate them, we'll learn about their personal stories, how their inventions work and how their ideas get from the laboratory to the marketplace,

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Shoulders, hips, and knees. Maybe you saying that as a kid and maybe you're getting ready to replace them all. Welcome to radio Cade. I'm your host Richard Miles. And today I'm pleased to welcome Dr. Bill petty, the former CEO and chairman of Zack tech, a company that makes orthopedic implants. Welcome to radio Cade bill. Thank you . So bill, usually I save the personal questions for last, but I have to ask and only cause you look in great shape. Have you had any joints replaced yet? Are you still all original bill petty?

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I am all original, but Betty Petty, my wife has had two exact technium plant , so we do have it in .

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Okay, good. So you're living the brand, you're using your own product. So that's good. What I want to do. I think most of our listeners are probably fairly familiar with orthopedic implants and what they do. But I do know that probably some particularly on the younger side are not exactly sure what that even means. It occurred to me that they're probably not tracking this technology. Like guys say who were in their late fifties, purely hypothetical example. So why don't we start by you explaining what an orthopedic implant actually is and what it does.

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There are many different kinds of orthopedic implants. Perhaps the ones people are most familiar with are the ones that are used for fixing fractures or torn ligaments in actuates , but that's not our business. Our business is orthopedic implants for treating arthritis and basically arthritis is a disease, hugely degenerative or osteoarthritis that the joint gets damaged. The cartilage is damaged, that comes painful, limitation of motion, those sorts of things. So what our orthopedic implants do, what the surgeons do with them rather is we go in and shave off a part of the bone and replace that part of the bone with on one side , usually a metal, a very high tech metal, such as cobalt, Chrome, or titanium. And the other side with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene makes a very low friction artificial joint , not quite as low friction is our normal cartilage that God gave us, but still very good. Now the implants or the ExacTech currently makes include total hip replacement, total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement and total ankle replacement. So basically that's what they are. Uh , results are excellent. I would say in general, 95% are better. Good results. That's not to say there aren't potential complications as there can be with any surgery, but overall the results are very good. And in fact, it's been stated rather kind of people have studied this sort of thing is

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Shoulders, Hips, and Knees - Radio Cade