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Special – Uniting the Prairies 2021 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Startupville


Uniting the Prairies, or UP Conference, is a virtual conference on June 23rd and 24th that brings together the top startups from across the Canadian prairies to connect with global investors and tech leaders, and collectively elevate the prairie community.   

The Canadian prairies are on a tear, with five cities rapidly growing their tech sectors, and this conference is a chance for each of them to put their collective energy together to drive things forward even more.   

Leading up to the conference, we are hosting a five episode mini-series to highlight the five major prairie tech cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  We’re kicking off this series with the city where the UP Conference started just two years ago, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.   

We talked with Matt Stefan, The Executive Director of Co.Labs, Saskatoon’s tech incubator and organizers of the UP Conference, along with Wanda Hunchak, Executive Vice President of venture firm Westcap Management, and Serese Selanders founder and CEO of the fast growing startup, SolusGuard about where the Saskatoon tech ecosystem is today, and where it’s headed.

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“I think what’s really unique about Saskatoon [and] Saskatchewan as a whole is just the collaboration aspect. And the fact that, I never feel like, and I think my fellow entrepreneurs don’t feel like we’re competing against each other. I think we feel like we’re doing this together, we’re in it together“ – Serese Selanders

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Special thanks to Uniting the Prairies and Co.Labs

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Special – Uniting the Prairies 2021 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Startupville