Stephan Livera Podcast

Stephan Livera Podcast

Join Stephan as he interviews the sharpest economic and technical minds in Bitcoin & Austrian Economics to help you understand how money is changing and evolving. This is one of the leading podcasts in the space, and listening to this show is one of the fastest ways to learn and get up to speed on Bitcoin.


July 22, 2021 70 min

Lyn Alden of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy rejoins me on the show to talk about macro updates and Bitcoin. We chat:

  • CPI rises to 5.4% and inflation
  • Govt debt and the likely govt responses
  • Why and how they keep the party going
  • Oil & Gas Bull case
  • Energy and the need for baseload power
  • Stablecoins & why Bitcoin is different
  • People are sleeping on the Lightning Network
  • Links:?

  • Twitter: @LynAldenContact?
  • Article: The Case for a Lo...
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    Greg Foss, a 3 decade veteran of fixed income securities specialising in HY (High Yield) joins me to talk about debt, bonds, government debt and why Bitcoin is the answer.

  • Primer on debt instruments
  • Interest rates and bond bull market over decades
  • Craziness of debt markets
  • Interaction between debt and equity
  • Could govt repudiate the debt?
  • Could we outgrow it?
  • Why Bitcoin is the best asymmetric trade
  • Links:

  • Twitter: @FossGregfoss
  • Paper...
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    Andrew Chow, Bitcoin Core contributor and creator of the PSBT standard rejoins me on the show to talk about the creation of a series of BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals) for Output Script Descriptors. We break down and explore the key concepts to make it accessible for bitcoiners.

  • Seeds
  • BIP39 vs Electrum seeds vs aezeed
  • Derivation paths
  • How Output Script Descriptors improve things
  • New functionality
  • Backups and recovery
  • Lightning
  • Minisc...
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    Caitlin Long of Avanti rejoins me on the show to talk about the coming regulatory crackdown. We discuss:

  • The growth in stablecoins
  • How there’s so much stablecoin volume off a low base
  • Coming regulatory crackdown
  • Getting direct access to the Fed
  • Compliance in the industry
  • Improving the on ramps for Bitcoin
  • Links:

  • Twitter: @CaitlinLong_?
  • Site:
  • Site:
  • Linkedin Caitlin Long
  • Other episodes:

  • SLP198 Caitlin Long...
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    NVK of Coinkite rejoins me on the show to talk about practical tips on setting up and securing your Bitcoin as well as backups. We chat:

  • Set up tips for newcoiners
  • Desktop wallets to use
  • Passphrases
  • SeedXOR
  • Multi sig
  • Storing backups
  • Estate planning and inheritance
  • Links:

  • Twitter:
  • Site:
  • Site:
  • Site: Coldcard User Documentation
  • Site:
  • Sponsors:

  • Swan Bitcoin
  • Hodl Hodl Lend
  • Compa...
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    Laolu Osuntokun aka roasbeef, CTO of Lightning Labs rejoins me on the show to talk about how Bitcoin and Lightning Network can scale to a billion users someday. We chat:

  • Updates on the lightning network generally
  • ANYPREVOUT and eltoo
  • CTV Check Template Verify
  • Multi party channels
  • Lnd updates
  • Thoughts on Bitcoin’s path forward
  • What’s coming next from Lightning Labs
  • Laolu links:

  • Twitter: @roasbeef 
  • Site:
  • Previous e...

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    Hass McCook aka FriarHass rejoins me on the show to talk about why you should set up a Dollar Cost Averaging Plan. We chat:

  • Lump sum for you, DCA for us!
  • Is DCA more important than everything else? Even development?
  • Growing the DCA Army to hasten hyperbitcoinisation
  • CAGR - statistics and dishonesty?
  • DCA vs circular economy / agorism?
  • Practical tips
  • Links:

  • Twitter: @FriarHass 
  • Bitcoin Magazine articles by Hass: Bitcoin Magazine: Hass ...
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    Danny Scott and Zakk Lakin of CoinCorner join me to talk about:

  • Starting CoinCorner
  • A new type of wallet - Hoffline
  • Security considerations
  • Lightning adoption
  • Bitcoin Core contribution
  • Links:

  • Twitter: @CoincornerDanny
  • Twitter: @CoincornerZakk
  • Tweet thread: Introducing “Hoffline”
  • Site:
  • Article: Bitcoin Core Development on Windows — A Step by Step Guide
  • Article: Bitcoin Core Development on MacOS — A Step by Step Guide
  • E...

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    Hector Rosekrans of Casa joins me on the show to talk about securing your Bitcoin and how early we are in terms of Bitcoin inheritance. We chat:

  • Securing your bitcoin
  • Self custody vs custodial solutions
  • How early bitcoin inheritance is
  • Casa covenant
  • Hardware wallets
  • Multi sig and inheritance setups - will they standardise?
  • Links:

  • Twitter: @hectorr159
  • Site:
  • Relevant episodes:

  • SLP182 Nick Neuman & Jameson Lopp - The Next ...
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    Jeff Booth, technology entrepreneur, author and bitcoin advocate rejoins me on the show to talk about:

  • Bitcoin 2021 conference experience
  • Fiat system extending itself
  • MicroStrategy Bitcoin buying
  • Macro investors
  • Surveillance coins (CBDC) and what they would mean
  • Supercycle thoughts
  • Jeff Booth links:

  • Twitter: @jeffbooth
  • Site:
  • Previous episode:

  • SLP191 Jeff Booth - Bitcoin & Our Deflationary Future
  • Sponsors:

  • S...
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    Steve Barbour of Upstream Data rejoins me on the show to talk about:

  • Fiat Maxis
  • Bitcoin Mining Council
  • Wind and Solar as unreliables
  • Why arguing about renewable usage isn’t the right long term approach
  • What Bitcoiners should do about it
  • Upstream Data Hash Hut
  • Links:

  • Twitter: @SGBarbour
  • Site:
  • Prior episode:

  • SLP27 - Turning Stranded Natural Gas Into Bitcoin Mining Hashes, With Steve Barbour Of Upstream Data
  • Mentioned:

  • L...
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    Alex Gladstein CSO of HRF rejoins me on the show to talk about the recent El Salvador Bitcoin legal tender news. We break down the good, the bad and what could go wrong.

  • Overview the news
  • Historical moment for Bitcoin and the world
  • It could have been so much worse
  • Merchant adoption and lightning
  • HRF grant
  • Links:

  • Twitter: @gladstein
  • Site:
  • Article: Uncovering The Hidden Costs Of The Petrodollar
  • Article: Can Government Stop Bitco...
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    Where are some Bitcoiners going wrong in their thinking and arguments about energy? Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, and energy policy commentator joins me to talk about energy use, and why we’re not thinking about it clearly.

    We chat:

  • The benefits of energy and fossil fuels
  • More energy use is good!
  • Renewables are really just unreliables
  • Reframing the conversation
  • Links:

  • Twitter: @AlexEpstein
  • Site: Energytal...
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    Cory Klippsten, CEO and Founder of Swan Bitcoin joins me to talk about various topics:

  • Working in the bitcoin space
  • Teaching newcoiners
  • Growing the auto-stacking movement
  • The latest with Bitcoin Ventures
  • Elon Musk’s mistakes
  • Links:

  • Site:
  • Site:
  • Inventing Bitcoin (free book):
  • Twitter: @coryklippsten
  • Sponsors:

  • Swan Bitcoin
  • Hodl Hodl Lend
  • Compass Mining
  • Unchained Capital (code LI...
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    If you want the best privacy possible in Bitcoin, you want to use Samourai Wallet. And for the best way to use it, you need to use your own node. Zelko and Pavel join me to talk about the latest with Ronin Dojo, an easy way to do just that. We chat:

  • What it is
  • Who its for
  • Recent upgrades on the UI
  • Thoughts on hardware wallets
  • Other services and features offered
  • Best practice tips on privacy
  • Open source licensing
  • Getting support
  • Links:

  • Sit...
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    Michael Peterson and Nicolas Burtey join me to talk about their project showing how a whole town could go bitcoin and lightning native. Listen to this interview talking about how thousands of people are going lightning native to benefit from international remittance and creating bitcoin tourism.

  • Stages of development
  • Building a Citadel by the sea
  • Lightning practicalities
  • Teaching Bitcoin
  • Rebuilding the Bitcoin for payments narrative
  • Li...

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    OpenSats is a new initiative for the bitcoiners to contribute to, to support Bitcoin and open source development and projects. Matt Odell and Ben Price join me to chat about the structure, why they’re creating a new organization, and why Bitcoin development funding shouldn’t merely be a popularity contest.


  • Site:
  • Twitter: @Matt_odell
  • Twitter: @abitcoinperson (Ben Price)
  • Other relevant episodes:

  • SLP211 Steve...
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    Alejandro De La Torre, VP of Poolin, a large Bitcoin mining pool joins me on the show to chat about his efforts in helping to coordinate Bitcoin Upgrades:

  • Taproot Activation
  • Learnings from 2017 SegWit
  • UASF or MASF (Miner Activated Soft Fork)
  • UASF within MASF
  • Distribution of network hashrate
  • Future Soft Fork upgrades
  • Alejandro links:

  • Twitter: @bitentrepreneur 
  • Site:
  • Poolin:
  • Relevant episodes:

  • SLP260 Luk...
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    Anthony Ronning, Bitcoin Lightning developer joins me on the show to talk about Bitcoin Lightning Privacy. We separate FUD from fact and give it a fair hearing to give you some insight into where the privacy leakages are today, how you can be more private, and where it’s all going in the future. We chat:

  • Basic overview of LN
  • Different user types and wallets
  • Lightning nodes
  • Receiver privacy
  • Mitigations and future tech
  • Practical tips for ...
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    Pavel Moravec of Braiins (operator of SlushPool) joins me to talk about signalling for Taproot as a miner. We chat:

  • Whether it is difficult to signal as a miner
  • The dynamics with different mining pools signaling
  • Miners and Pools, how does it work
  • Braiins OS and mining firmware
  • What future upgrades might look like
  • Pavel links:

  • Twitter: @mor_pav
  • Article: Everything You Need To Know About Taproot Signaling By Bitcoin Miners
  • Site: Braiin...
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