Real people share times a heartfelt conversation changed someone’s life. You might laugh, you might cry but most importantly you’ll feel empowered because asking “are you ok? when someone’s struggling with life, could turn things around in ways you might not have imagined. A conversation can change a life. Hosted by Bianca Dye and Kamal Sarma. For conversation tips and information on Aussie suicide prevention charity R U OK? visit
Navigating grief, depression and life's ups and downs

September 12, 201915 min

15 min
Layne Beachley - My support network changed my life

September 11, 201917 min

17 min
Barry Du Bois - Teaser episode

September 6, 20191 min

1 min
The doctor is in

September 13, 20178 min

8 min
Riding the rollercoaster

September 12, 20178 min

8 min
What comes after the diagnosis?

September 12, 20178 min

8 min
After the fact

September 12, 20176 min

6 min
Post-traumatic stress reaction

September 12, 201716 min

16 min
Thanks for Asking - Teaser Episode

August 22, 20178 min

8 min