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The Dream Catcher Podcast

For seekers and achievers looking for inspiration, advice and tools to maximize their success and personal happiness. Join journalist and award-winning writer Seline Shenoy as she explores mindsets, strategies and habits to tap into your full potential in your personal and professional life. Seline also speaks with thought leaders in personal empowerment, relationships, wellness and social justice.


November 29, 2022 41 min

Financial abundance is something most of us aspire to achieve.

Whether you’d like to grow your bank account, manifest an entrepreneurial dream, or travel the world - all of that requires you to be in a good place money-wise.

My guest Corin Grillo has discovered a form of creative magic that is both accessible and effective in manifesting the financial flow we desire. She’s here to tell us how.

Corin Grillo is a licensed psychothera...

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Most of us take what we know about the cosmos for granted, but these facts were born from the findings of hardworking individuals who asked big questions and dug deep. 

While there have been several astronomers throughout human history, a few were able to blend science with philosophy. 

Learn about the philosophical approach of famous astronomers who gave us a panoramic orientation of how we fit into the cosmos.

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From the moment we wake up, we must deal with a continuous stream of choices. Some are minor, like what to make for breakfast, while others are more difficult, like choosing where to live. 

Without the right mindset and attitude, the avalanche of decisions we make each day can be overwhelming. The term used to describe this mental overload is decision fatigue. 

Learn the signs of decision fatigue and the steps you can take to ease ...

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Sufism may evoke the image of whirling dervishes or the sublime verses from Sufi poets such as Rumi and Hafiz. But most people have no idea about its teachings, practices and spiritual ethics.

Called "the path of the heart," Sufism provides a compendium of wisdom that's both practical and profound. In this interview, we'll look into the richness of this tradition with my guest Ayeda Husain.

Ayeda Husain is a senior ...

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Being dependent on others is good. It makes us human. Voicing our needs from a place of compassion and self-worth brings us closer to others. 

However, too much dependence results in codependency. 

In codependent relationships, one partner carries the relationship emotionally, while the other avoids taking responsibility for their part in sustaining the connection. 

Learn about the other signs of this dysfunctional relationship typ...

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Fate or destiny – whatever you call it, is the idea that life is determined by powers beyond our control and has existed for centuries. It’s seen in the mythologies, stories, and religious beliefs of every culture in the world. 

But there are a few significant distinctions between fate and destiny. Knowing the difference will empower us to take control of our destinies no matter what fate has in store for us. 

Learn the main differ...

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Creating the world you want to live in takes guts, grace and everything you've got. And to heal the world and be a source for good, you've also got to heal yourself. 

In the words of my guest, Alma Zaragoza-Petty, you’ve got to unleash your chingona : your inner badass. She’ll show us how to claim and own our inner chingona.

Alma Zaragoza-Petty, PhD, is a social justice advocate and scholar who teaches equity to create chan...

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Minorities are a group of people within a community or country who differ from the main population because of their ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic affiliations. 

Their rights are highlighted because they are in a vulnerable position compared to others. The pain felt by minority groups is palpable, and the disadvantages they face are real. 

The good news is that everyone can help in improving their conditions. Learn abou...

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Time is constant, but how we perceive it varies. That's why an hour spent watching our favorite Netflix show feels different from an hour stuck in traffic. 

To differentiate experiences of time, ancient Greeks had two words for it — Chronos and Kairos. 

By understanding Chronos and Kairos, you can alter your reality and make the most of your time on Earth. You'll have access to the gifts in the here and now and have more mo...

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We’re at a pivotal time in society where we’ve become so far immersed in modern existence that we need to take a step back and  look at life through a more meaningful and spiritual lens. 

Hawai‘i—with its breadth of cultural richness, and deeply-rooted traditions—is one lens that we can use. My guest, Kainoa Daines, is here to give us insight into the wisdom and traditions of his beautiful island culture.

Kainoa Daines is the senio...

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Defining something as complex as romantic love can seem futile. Despite its ambiguity, psychologists have tried understanding the "how" and the "why" of love.

One of the most well-known ones is Sternberg's triangular theory of love. It gives us a broad overview of the many faces of love and how it impacts our connections. 

Learn about the three components and seven types of love based on Sternberg's triangul...

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What does it really mean to have power?

Power is the measure of the degree of control you have over events, circumstances, and people to influence them and their actions. 

However, real power doesn’t depend on where you stand in the social hierarchy. You can learn and use many different types of power to influence people. 

These nine types of power will change your perspective on power.

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Presence is known as many things: owning the room, commanding attention, gravitas - basically, when you speak, people pay attention to you and listen.

This quality can give you a distinct advantage and determine your success in work and life. Fortunately, the “it” factor is not elusive and can be learned.

If your goal is to develop a presence that inspires others, you’ll love what my guest, Steven Kuhn, will share with us in this e...

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The struggle to balance spirituality with practicality is a well-worn path. Ancient philosophers and scholars have spent countless years pondering both theories. 

The good news is that spirituality and practicality aren’t mutually exclusive. We live in both worlds simultaneously, so we need both. 

We can harmonize both aspects of life by balancing the needs of life in the material with the needs of our spirits. Learn four ways to b...

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Culture is the shared language in a community. The holidays celebrated, the religions practiced, the way we communicate, and the food we cook - all fall under the umbrella of culture. 

But knowing a culture on a surface level can lead us to stereotypes and a belief that everyone in the group is alike. One way to avoid this is by learning about the elements of a culture. 

These seven elements of culture will help you understand the ...

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The family is the basis for every human. And the influence of these relationships cannot be underestimated.

The beliefs, norms, and patterns we’ve learned from your family significantly impact our life. One way to overcome negative and destructive patterns that we’ve inherited is through family constellations. 

Marine Sélénée, my guest today, has been helping her clients  shift generations of unhappiness and suffering. She’s here t...

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Luck vs. hard work is an age-old debate. As a culture, we like to believe that our dreams are the product of hard work. But if that’s all it takes, there would be plenty more people who are wildly successful by social standards. 

To get a more accurate picture, we must understand how hard work synergizes with luck. In this post, you’ll get a better understanding of how various factors shape our destiny and how we can influence them...

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Relationships are the bedrock of life. Healthy and meaningful connections ground us. But, as we get older, it becomes harder to find and nurture them. 

Once we find a partner, they and our children come first, and other relationships become “nice-to-haves.” But there are plenty of opportunities to connect, and you don’t have to be limited by the traditional template of relationships. 

Learn about the different types of relationship...

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Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. These skills are essential both in the workplace as well as in our personal life. It's the key to getting ahead and getting the outcomes we want. 

But successful negotiation requires self-awareness, preparation, and practice. My guest, Sam McAlister, mastered this art after relentlessly pursuing scoops for her entire career. She'l...

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Self esteem is your opinion of yourself and your confidence in your abilities. Everyone lacks confidence sometimes, but when low self esteem is a recurring problem, we feel unhappy and unsatisfied. 

Our self esteem begins in childhood, and as adults, unless we shed light on the root causes of low self-esteem, we will be run by them.

We can undo any damage and develop our self esteem with attention and daily practice. Our self-care ...

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