The Pinball Players Podcast

The Pinball Players Podcast

Host Jeff Parsons talks about playing pinball both causally and competitively and interviews pinball players to hear their stories about their love of pinball.... Show More


November 17, 2019 62 min

  • 24 Hour Battle at the Sanctum Experience
  • Thoughts on Retro Atomic Zombie Adventure
  • IFPA Rule Change
  • Top 5 Pinball Machines of the 1980’s
  • Interview with Ramyond Davidson
  • NEPL Finals
  • You Make The Call
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    October 30, 2019 35 min

  • Playing catch up sharing my Pinburgh experience
  • Pinball Expo in Chicago
  • 24 Hour Battle at the Sanctum
  • You Make The Call Top 5 pins of the 1970s
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    July 30, 2019 29 min

  • Pintastic New England where I made a fool out of myself then did shots with Steve Ritchie 
  • Octoberfest, Willy Wonka, Black Knight Sword of Rage, Thunderbirds, The Beatles 
  • Pin Maine-ia 13 
  • You Make The Call
  • Star Wars The Pin 
  • Jurassic Park 
  • ReplayFX and Pinburgh
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    June 22, 2019 65 min

  • Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle Thoughts
  • My 12-year-old son has been bitten by the pinball bug
  • Top 5 Least Favorite Mods
  • Sharon Hebenstreit, Erin Seiden and Kristen Gregory organizers of the SilverBelle Brawl Women’s Tournament at Pintastic
  • Metroid Pinball
  • Dave Marston Event Coordinator of Pinstatic
  • $1 IFPA Fee For Women’s Tournaments
  • Podcasters Panel at Pintastic
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  • Black Knight Sword of Fury
  • Texas Pinball Festival and the TWIPYS
  • You Make The Call
  • Top 5 Pinball Sequels
  • Joe Lemire tries to change my mind and make me like Stern’s Star Wars
  • The most played pin by casual players at an arcade I visited
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  • Pinburgh Ticket Sales
  • Stern Pro Circuit Finals
  • ESPN Covering Pinball
  • Betting on Pinball
  • Why the Munsters Is Good For Pinball
  • Top 5 Worst Video Modes in Pinball History
  • Interview with Elizabeth Cromwell, Mark Steinman, Pete Hendricks and Fred Cochran on the history and memories of the former PAPA HQ
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    December 19, 2018 55 min

  • 24 Hour Battle
  • New England Pinball League Finale
  • NASCAR Pinball
  • Williams Vol 2 for Pinball FX3
  • City Champ 7
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  • October 31, 2018 76 min

  • Oktoberfest, The Beatles and Monster Bash remake
  • Zen Studios edits the artwork on their Williams games 
  • Deeproot Pinball’s seminar at Pinball Expo 
  • PAPA facility hosts its final event in its current location
  • Pittsburgh Pinball Open
  • 24 Battle at the Sanctum
  • Top 5 Halloween Themed Pins
  • Roundtable Discussion with Krystle Gemnich, Jessica Kent, Zoë Vrabel and Elizabeth Cromwel... Read more

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  • The last podcast to do a Deadpool review
  • Zen Studios gets the Williams digital pinball license
  • Top 5 Overrated Pinball Machines
  • Interview with Jessica Kent of Pinball Origin Stories
  • I open a pinball package I got in the mail
  • Pinball Players Podcast T-Shirts?
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    Pinball Origin Stories o... Read more

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  • Pinburgh recap
  • TTI Podcasters Bloodbath Rules Violation
  • Top 5 Favorite Things at ReplayFX
  • Interview with W.I.P.T Champion Nicole Bernier
  • Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle
  • Stall Ball
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    July 28, 2018 32 min

    The Pinball Players Podcast - Episode 41 - Recorded Live from Pinburgh


    Coming to you from Replay FX and Pinburgh with...

  • Greg Poverelli
  • Steven Bowden
  • Steve Daniels
  • Joe Lemire
  • Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Say In Your Group at Pinburgh

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    http://pin... Read more

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  • Pinburgh!!!
  • Replay FX
  • Seminars
  • Pre Register Now for Intergalactic Pinball Championship
  • Trash Talker Invitational Spokesperson Chuck Webster Explains how the Podcasters Bloodbath will work
  • I announce my two ringers for the TTI
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    July 13, 2018 58 min

    The Pinball Players Podcast - Episode 39 - Mrs. Pin and Dr. Pin

  • Pintastic New England Review
  • Pinburgh is Almost Here
  • Iron Maiden Premium Play
  • Top 5 Data East Machines
  • Interview with Mrs. Pin and Dr. Pin
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    Bowen Seminar at Pintastic

    htt... Read more

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    June 27, 2018 70 min

  • Pin Maine-ia 12
  • Pintastic New England
  • Round 1 Amusement Opens With Pins
  • There's a pinball machine in my house!
  • A Very Special Top 5 List
  • Interview with Snow Galvin and Peter Preston of the Read more

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  • June 1, 2018 42 min

  • The NYC Pinball Championship
  • IFPA 15
  • My voice in pinball callouts
  • Top 5 pinball accomplishments that make me go "yeah!"
  • Interview with NYC Pinball Champion Bowen Kerins
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    May 16, 2018 53 min

  • PinMasters of New Hampshire
  • W.I.P.T - The Women's International Pinball tournament
  • The New York City Pinball Championship kicks off this weekend
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  • May 9, 2018 63 min

  • Bad news for Farsight’s The Pinball Arcade
  • Possible new Stern titles
  • Pinball mods? Love them or hate them?
  • Top 5 Pinball Podcasts 
  • Interview with Mitch Curtis an operator in Boston who has done an amazing re-theme of Stern’s The Walking Dead. 
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    April 25, 2018 43 min

  • My review of Iron Maiden after playing it on location
  • Thoughts on Attack From Mars Remake
  • Visiting a hidden arcade
  • Showing people how to play without being a jerk
  • Top 5 Sterns of all time
  • Path of Play Day
  • Trash Talker Invitational Podcast Bloodbath updates
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    April 17, 2018 56 min

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Changes
  • Iron Maiden Sound
  • The Trash Talker Invitational Podcaster Bloodbath invites
  • Top 5 games that are extremely hard but I come back for more
  • Interview with Petey and Virginia Hendricks 
  • Path of Play Day
  • PinMaine-ia 12
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    April 11, 2018 58 min

  • New England Pinball League Tournament of Champions
  • Iron Maiden - Legacy of the Beast
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Top Pinball cities and games
  • New #1 ranked IFPA player
  • Top 5 Pinball Sequels
  • Interview with Greg Poverelli  
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