The Pump and Dump Podcast

The Pump and Dump Podcast

Shayna and Tracey of The Pump and Dump Show -- a nationally touring comedy show for moms -- go deeper into what it's like to be a woman who is also a mom.... Show More

This is a parenting episode for everyone. While we've never ever wanted to be the hosts who tell you how to parent (because we clearly don't know what we're doing) we couldn't resist having an expert like Robin come chat with us. The truth is that while we're all doing the best we can, it's possible to be doing quite a few things dead wrong. We talk about resiliency, grit, letting our kids fail, and how those empty compliments we gush to our kiddos may be doing more harm than good. Don't worry, this isn't a shame on you episode. Robin is the coolest, and funny and shoots from the hip. We hope you enjoy a fresh perspective from someone who has seen a lot of sh*t. We sure did!

Robin Glenn is the Co-Founder and CEO of BASE Education, an online prevention and intervention program that addresses the ‘Whole Child’. Her previous positions include At-Risk Student Specialist, private practice therapist for adolescents and their families, Treatment Coordinator for intensive in/outpatient teen programs, and Research Specialist in clinical trials for adolescents with addictions. Robin continues to train law enforcement, school administrators and faculty, and medical professionals, on issues pertaining to at-risk youth. Her experiences drew her to Social Emotional Learning, and continue to fuel her passion of wellness and innovation. Ms. Glenn earned her MA in Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology, and School Counseling from the University of Colorado, Denver. She is a licensed professional counselor, certified school counselor, and a master addiction counselor.

Let us know your thoughts, and enjoy!

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Shayna and Tracey have been friends since the 8th grade – that’s over 25 years. After college, they each moved to separate coasts for a decade. They were reunited when they decided to leave big city life and settle down with their families in Denver, Colorado and Facebook told them their daughters are 3 weeks apart. After several play dates, some more childbirth, some unsuccessful pumping, and the overwhelming nature of mommy community boards, The Pump and Dump Show was born.

The show launched in 2012 in a bar in Northwest Denver and quickly grew to a bi-monthly, local staple for new moms to have a night out. In 2014, Shayna and Tracey took The Pump and Dump Show on its first national tour and continue to perform every month to audiences nationwide.

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