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The RenegadeAV8R Show

We promote aviation, by interviewing people who demonstrate excellence, have overcome obstacles, and have achieved their goals. This show brings energy and motivation, regardless of you being into aviation or not. The excellence shown through the passion for flying can be transposed to anything. The host, David Costa, is charismatic and entertaining. This is a great go-to weekly podcast!... Show More

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November 11, 2020 38 min

Find a problem that pisses you off so much, that you make it your mission to solve it.  This is exactly what Daniel Robinson and Red 6 have done. 

Daniel's story is not unlike how many of us start off in life.  We dream, we imagine and we hope.  But what you will find each week on The RenegadeAV8R show is there is something more in people who achieve great things.  They take consistent action, no matter the challenge!

Red 6 offers a valuable solution to the challenges facing our modern fighter pilots.  Red 6 is developing ATARS, Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System.  This is a revolution in air combat systems today.  

In this episode, you will be amazed at the capabilities of what this augmented reality system can provide aviation and many other industries.  But if you think this is just a boring business conversation, think again!  This is The RenegadeAV8R Show!

Daniel Robinson shares what got him started, what lit his fuse, and how he progressed from a kid in England  to becoming an F-22 Raptor Pilot!  That would be enough for most of us, but renegades and problem solvers look for more.  Current simulation solutions would not work, virtual reality would not work, and even flying the real airplane against real adversaries was not the answer.  The answer was turning science fiction into science fact!  Augmented reality!  

To learn more:

Follow Daniel Robinson on Instagram! Red6CEO

What the team at Red 6 is doing is a game-changer and it will save the lives of our fighter pilots.  Technology like augmented reality will improve many things that we do today.  Once again aerospace leads the way.  

The RenegadeAV8R Show is never your normal interview. We always add our unique spin to what we do.  Our show is about excellence demonstrated, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals.  Dave has his usual shocking comments at the end of the show.  Don't miss that!  Remember, everything he says might sound harsh, but it is meant with love!  ;-)

Thanks for listening and sharing the show.  Listen to this week's episode for a glimpse of what is coming and some new opportunities for our fans.

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We combine a Jet Airshow Demonstration with The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show. David Costa is your host of this show that promotes aviation, by bringing guests to you that demonstrate excellence, have overcome great obstacles, or have achieved huge success. David is also the airshow demo pilot of our TS-11 ISKRA jet. This jet has served over 50 years in military service with the Polish Air Force. We are here to inspire and help YOU achieve your dreams in whatever it is that feeds your passion!

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