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June 6, 2024 30 mins

Stand Up or Sit Out: Memories and Musings of a Blind Wrestler, Runner and All-around Regular Guy by Anthony R. Candela

Stand Up or Sit Out: Memories and Musings of a Blind Wrestler, Runner and All-around Regular Guy is a memoir exploring the unpredictability of life and the universal imperfections we all deal with. Anthony's life as a person with poor eyesight and progressive trek toward blindness provides an informative and entertaining example. This book also includes how people cope with their disabilities. It features how Anthony dealt with his blindness through participating in sports, such as wrestling and long-distance running.

Anthony R. Candela is semi-retired from a professional career in the field of blindness and visual impairment, spanning more than 40 years. He is also a “retired” wrestler and long-distance runner. He is interested in enhancing the success of blind people who wish to work and live fully in society. Anthony has a passion for movies, sports, reading, writing, and music. He is a Steven Garff Marriot Awardee for his lifetime achievement from the American Foundation for the Blind.    

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