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June 6, 2024 31 mins

Chasing Happiness in an Imperfect Life by Xiomara Alvarez

This is a story of survival against the odds. It is meant to show the reader that a person can triumph regardless of the circumstances not because of hardship but in spite of it. Although Xiomara's life was scarred by violence and abuse, she learned to translate fear and shame into inner strength. Her memoir speaks to those who seek forgiveness, happiness, and love regardless of the odds.

Raised in Havana, Cuba, during the revolution, author Xiomara Alvarez migrated to the US with her

family as a political refugee and moved to New Haven, Connecticut. At eighteen years old, she became

a single mom and, lured by the hippie movement, moved to San Francisco. It was there that she joined

a commune called the Good Earth for three years. Later she went on to obtain a business degree and

joined Fortune 500 companies, including Firestone Tire Company and American Express. Upon

retirement, she established Asking Mara Events & Entertainment, focusing on music and festivals.

Currently, spends her time between Phoenix and Mexico.    

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