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June 6, 2024 34 mins

Entrepreneur Me – You Too: Your Dream Business Doesn't Need to Fail by Tom Sowden

Well-thought-out ideas and projects can go together successfully and make our lives better. The game changer in our life has been the internet, which has opened the door for entrepreneurial projects like no other development in history. FAILURES DON’T NEED TO HAPPEN if one follows some fundamentals that promise success. I have tried to point these ideas out in this book based on my lifelong experience as a small businessperson. Hopefully reading about my successes and failures will help you understand the principles that helped me and my family live comfortably. Yes, there were stressful times brought on by paranoid thoughts, which never materialized.

About Tom Sowden

Northwestern School of Business BS Investment Management, Standard & Poor’s Corporation New York – Standard Planned Investments (Trainee) , US Navy Assigned Mine Sweeper MSO 427 – Lieutenant Junior Grade Executive Officer – Vietnam Deployment, Vice President General Manager New Era Milling Company – Family owned business in Kansas, President Young Millers Miller’s National Federation, Vice President ADM (Milling Division), - Kansas City and Decatur Illinois, Chairman Episcopal Social Service – Kansas City Missouri, Board member and Financial Director Hass Avocado Board Orange County California, Owner and President of Kansas City Bag Company – now in its 33rd year. 

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