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June 20, 2024 23 mins

Treasures of Darkness by Coby McGee 

For those who are seeking to find answers to the deep questions of life, this book is to encourage and enlighten you on your journey to find peace with your past, yourself, and with God. You will discover the default settings of humanity that we all have to overcome, and you will discover some essential truths about God that you will rarely ever hear in any church. You will discover healthy ways to face your fears, your shame and much of the deception that we are exposed to in our lives. You will discover the true definition of righteousness in God's eyes, and you will witness the miraculous ways God reaches out to those who call on Him for help.

"Treasures of Darkness" is recipient of the prestigious Gold Seal of Excellence from AR Press.

Coby McGee is a Texas businessman, father of three adult children, and has walked with Jesus for the last 50 years. Having grown up in a broken home and under the curse of shame and fear, he sought out the deeper truths of life through his relationship with Jesus Christ. He not only found freedom from emotional bondage, but also discovered the kind, gentle and loving nature of God. He discovered the truth that God not only hears the prayers of man, but that He will use whatever means it takes to make Himself known to those who humbly call on His name. Coby was honored and blessed to see God show up the brightest during the darkest times of his life.  

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