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June 20, 2024 23 mins

Out of Darkness Into Light by Lauralee Lindholm

I am a living witness and a fruit of the light that shined in the deepest darkness. This book shows the power of the Gospel to transform lives. -Beletew Kebede, president of the Ethiopian Addis Kidan Baptist Church

 Living in the highlands of Ethiopia was like living in the Wild West. No one trusted anybody; a gun or a doola was always at hand-and was often used; farming was primitive, and famine was always close at hand; and evil spirits held real power over the people's lives. Theirs was not a good life, and we wanted to help. We went as a community development team, asked God for guidance, and things began to change. As a spiritual battle broke out, we relived events from the book of Acts. Amazingly, God worked, and we watched a people group come out of darkness and into the light!

About the Author

The Lindholms moved to Menz, Ethiopia, in 1970. Ray taught rug weaving, and Lauralee taught Bible classes. While their children were away at boarding school, they camped in a tent to be closer to the people. This helped them become fluent in Amharic, as well as build friendship and trust with the highland people there. And when a group of young men were eager to learn more of the Bible, they were ready to teach.... 

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