Voice Marketing with Emily Binder

Voice Marketing with Emily Binder

The most protein per calorie of any podcast you'll binge: covering marketing, branding, business and innovation. 5-10 minutes about once a week. Topics range from marketing to branding, voice / AI and podcasting tips, psychology, product design, and more. Episodes are evergreen, designed to be concise, thought provoking, and entertaining. Everything comes back business, marketing, and/or psychology but you'll come to enjoy the variety and style unlike any other business podcast. About your host: Emily Binder is a post-revenue startup founder in SaaS / voice AI marketing. She is an in-demand public speaker and consultant on brand and marketing, especially content strategy involving voice marketing, social media, and video. Emily is the founder of WealthVoice, the top voice marketing and podcast app in financial services, est. 2020. She is also the founder and principal at Beetle Moment Marketing since 2017. Emily's clients include Verizon, TD Ameritrade, Ritholtz and other billion-dollar wealth management firms, TIGER 21, Brightwell Payments, and more. Emily has been podcasting since 2012 and was originally known for transforming Budget Rent A car's marketing from the print yellow pages to Facebook in 2012, tripling revenue in one year. Enjoy this show on your favorite podcast app and watch clips on YouTube and Instagram: @beetlemoment. Subscribe free, hear past episodes, and leave a review: emilybinder.com/podcast. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


July 10, 2024 7 mins

Discover the crucial importance of repurposing your podcast content to increase its reach and impact. I liken your video podcast or other recorded / long-form content to a buffalo. Don't waste a single part.

How to utilize every part of your podcast content over months or years—creating clips, shorts, social media posts, blogs, and more. This episode dives deep into the strategies of dissecting and sharing content, comparing the...

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The Complex World of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Pay Disparity, Brand Value, and Gender Dynamics. I discuss the surprisingly low pay of #DCC, despite being the face of the world's most valuable sports franchise ($9 billion via Forbes).

Watch this episode: youtube.com/emilybinder

Netflix documentary "America's Sweethearts." 1) Brand value and talent, 2) masculine / feminine energy, 3) intersection of pay, gender, and youth in...

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What's going on with the Discount Tire logo? Discount Tire is a wheel and tires retailer established in 1960 and today is one of the largest companies in its segment, operating over one thousand stores across the USA -- despite its logo that gives fast food and cartoons. I explore the significance of color and branding in influencing consumer perception. I share an anecdote about walking by a Discount Tire store and critique its br...

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This episode will finally convince you to stop showing up to Zoom calls or podcasts with AirPods as your mic input. (It's fine for output.) For emotional association and any appeal from a sales or marketing perspective, sound is far more important in the brain than visuals or words. We process sound 10x faster than the blink of an eye. 95% of purchase decisions are EMOTIONAL, 5% rational (see Instagram graphic).

Hear my three co...

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Lack of communication is costing you hard-earned clients. Example - financial services: Advisors average $3,100 CAC per client.

  • 54% of clients: "I changed financial advisors" in 2023. Why: weak comms.
  • 47% of clients w/over $500,000 AUM want to hear from advisor at least monthly.
  • But most advisors reach out much less. Via YCharts, 2023


(0:07) Communication Builds Trust

(0:43) Body Language - Science of Trust: Show...

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82% of consumers say they want to buy from brands with values that align with their own (RetailBrew, 2022). I discuss what makes purpose-driven marketing work or fall flat.


(00:00) Introduction to Purpose-Driven Marketing

(1:22) Success of Nike's 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign, ft Colin Kaepernick, boldly aligned with Black Lives Matter movement

-“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” re: natio...

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Forget consistency and try VARIETY. I explore the strategy used by two famous podcasters, focusing on variety in episode content, length, and style to keep the audience engaged and cater to different interests. Results: they top the charts for Business and for Society & Culture.

Trick question: How long should a podcast episode be?

Mini case study on strategy of Scott Galloway of The Prof G Podcast and Bethenny Frankel of...

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Are you listening with jackal or giraffe ears? Conversation tips from Nonviolent Communication. Plus: What's wrong with saying "I feel like you ___"?

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Show notes

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(1:00) Difficult conversations: giraffe vs jackal language (watch Short)

(1:37) Pop psychology

(1:50) Nonviolent request

(2:06) Saying 'I feel' to express thoughts (Lisa Rinna)

(3:11) Chris Voss: "i...

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Podcasting is the highest leverage marketing activity you can do, but it's a long game and very misunderstood. People think they need a million downloads to have a 'successful' podcast; not true. At the same time, it's competitive but not as much as you think - hear why.

(0:10) Podcasting $4bn industry in 2024 (IAB)

(1:36) Big misconception new podcasters have: ad revenue

(3:10) 90% podfade

(4:10) Value of a subscriber

(6:00) Power of v...

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Are you leading with the dream outcome, the likelihood of success, the price, or something else? Your customers want something high quality, guaranteed, fast, and easy. Hear the key ideas of Alex Hormozi's value equation from "$100M Offers", a helpful concept any business person or marketer can use regardless of your industry.

(0:29) Hormozi's value equation:

Dream outcome x likelihood of success

divided by

time delay x perceived e...

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Think of your favorite TV commercial of all time. What made it memorable? It was probably that it told a story that resonated with you. Unlike straight feature benefit ads that you'll often see from CPGs, like detergent or toothpaste, or from insurance companies, really memorable advertising tells a story and triggers feelings. The same goes for public speaking and generally all marketing. Stats or data help, too. It's about blendi...

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We used to actually watch a string of 30-second commercials for Downy and Doritos waiting for Seinfeld to come back on. Today is not the age of television, or patience, but the age of ultimate optionality. This is the age of TikTok and you need to keep these tips in mind when creating short form content. Create for people, not algorithms. The algos are getting smart enough that you can stop doing everything to appease them. What ap...

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January Top 5: Every Tuesday this month, we're re-airing the top 5 most downloaded episodes of the past year. This is #4 as we count down to the #1 most popular on January 30, 2024. This episode originally aired 5/20/2020. Timestamps:

(0:05) The Top 5 Rebroadcast explainer / intro for this month

(1:05) Evergreen strategy, you can still get value from 2018 episodes

(1:45) Ephemeral content mistake

(2:05) Top podcast marketing mistake


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"The company that needs a new machine tool but hasn't bought it yet is already paying for it."-Charlie Munger. Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

January Top 5: Every Tuesday this month, we're re-airing the top 5 most downloaded episodes of this podcast. This is #5 as we count down to the #1 most popular on January 30, 2024. This episode was originally recorded 6/30/2022.

Further recommended listening: Founders Pod...

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Why are we such bad listeners, retaining only one-eighth of what we hear? Two reasons:

(0:19) Reason #1: Schools teach reading, not listening: Listening is a different activity from reading and requires different skills. Reading and listening do not improve at the same rate when only reading is taught. Reading ability is continually upgraded while listening ability degenerates.

**The typical student graduates into a society where the...

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We only retain one-eighth of what we hear, long term. In 1957, researchers found that listeners only remembered about half of what they'd heard immediately after someone finished talking. According to HBR, there are three types of listening:

  1. Internal listening
  2. Focused listening
  3. 360 listening

Related episodes:

School Made You a Fair Reader and a Bad Listener (Part 2 of 2)

"3 Speaking Tips: Difference Between Tone, Pitch,...

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The 40-60 minute conversation on your podcast could probably be just as substantive in 20-30. Generally, listeners favor shorter episodes over longer ones. But only 15% of podcasts are under the 10-minute mark (via Demand Sage, Sept. 2023). I share tips for getting your podcast to the perfect length listeners enjoy.

3:30 Podcast molds are breaking. Podcast format isn't set in stone. The one thing it needs in order to be a p...

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What is vocal fry? Celebs who speak this way: Matthew McConaughey, Britney Spears, Kardashians, Woody Harrelson. Also: airline pilots, millennials, and Allison. (No shade to anyone - all in good fun here.)

Is vocal fry bad for your vocal cords and hurting others' perception of you? Or is it maybe cute? My work wife Allison Pons (@allisonpons) joined me to discuss. Think: "This is your captain speaking..."

Watch: https://youtu.be...

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Peggy: “You never say thank you.”

Don Draper: “That’s what the money is for.”

Harmonious business relationships, let's go. Tips for consultants, advisors, and clients with a scope of work.

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1:10 Karmic contract

1:55 Tips to handle extra requests

2:28 Hourly rate mistakes

3:37 Do you earn money or make money?

4:40 Tips to avoid scope creep

5:55 Paula Scher CITI logo

6:11 Phrases to request extra deliverabl...

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Rich media banners are 267% more effective than static banners when it comes to engagement on LinkedIn posts (and other networks like X or Facebook). This is episode is about something small and tactical that has a big impact on your social media efficacy and giving your audience a nicer UX, resulting in more clicks to your target media.

Blog post with visual examples and tips: This Image Mistake = 267% Less Social Media Engagem...

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