You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

As a stylist who explores what makes women feel beautiful, entrepreneur and Instagram favorite @HilaryRushford brings her witty, winsome, and wise voice to honest conversations on how to have an extraordinary life (without being exhausted): More joy and less overwhelm in your style, business, and life. You’re welcome (wink), in advance.... Show More


February 24, 2021 54 min

Your behind the scenes Q’s! From ideas and creative, to tools and advice

Whether you’re a fellow entrepreneur considering your own podcast, or embarking on any creative endeavor, or just love a look behind the curtain, this convo is for you!

My podcast tools:

  • Home office microphone
  • Home office arm
  • Home office sound panels
  • Travel microphone
  • Plugin dongle to connect it to a mac laptop
  • Novel: The Rosie Effect

    Entrepreneur? Get on the wait...

    Mark as Played
    February 17, 2021 52 min

    Your favorite topics and episodes in one wisdom-packed conversation.

    What are my 3 best teachings on style? Relationships? Essentialism? My 2 most popular episodes and what they have in common you should take action on today?

    Be reminded of 18 of my most powerful teachings.

    Links in this episode:

  • Bonus Episode: I Owe You an Apology
  • Episode 49: An Open Letter on Opinion Culture
  • Chest patches
  • What would you love to hear in the next 100...

    Mark as Played

    How to identify what you want, why, and shift your life to create it.

    That’s the heart of this teaching, springboarding off my current decision making about where we might live, and amplified by your replies to a Q that blew me away.

    How to find more gratitude in your life and, bonus, more grace (less judgement) for others.

    Chime in on this mini IG survey on our first 100 episodes to help shape the next 100.

    Or leave questions or i...

    Mark as Played

    My favorite signature style principle. Feel more beautiful, without buying more. Understand what and why you love what you love. Education and empowerment, in one powerful teaching you will use for years and want to share with every woman in your life!

    Come join the conversation on Instagram @HilaryRushford or submit a topic or Q for the show at

    Mark as Played

    I shared on Instagram a few days ago that we’ve moved somewhere temporarily, to explore if we want to move here full-time!

    The Q’s you asked back, made me realize there’s a great encouragement on how we make big decisions. Listen in to inspire your own now or next chapters.

    For more details see our Announcement Post here. Plus a Q&A in my pinned stories here.

    More adventures, inspiration and as always life coaching on the side ...

    Mark as Played

    We would all love to meditate more, to have nailed all the steps in the books on how to develop habits, but for the gal who has nailed neither (ahem, hand raised) an insight into the most powerful thing that has been simply a tiny shift you can start today.

    Come join me on Instagram @HilaryRushford for more teaching in my Instagram Stories, and submit any ideas for future episodes at HilaryRushford/podvip!

    Mark as Played
    January 13, 2021 2 min

    Well this has truly been a week, friends!

    In lieu of today’s episode, join our conversation hearing from the Black and white women in our community on IG Stories here.

    And share your comments in this post that we’ll continue to revisit.

    Join us on IG Stories for more as we continue to learn how to love our neighbor better, for and from one another.

    Mark as Played

    We have cried together, commiserated in our grief, anxiety, loneliness… and our silver linings, gratitudes, blessings of 2020.

    Gathering up some of our most poignant and recurring conversations, I’m recapping six insights we’ve shared this year to invite you to ponder what you’ve learned for yourself in each area.

    NEW Masterclass for Entrepreneurs: Plan Your 2021 Business Revenue

    Fiction podcasts mentioned: Rom Com Pods and Blood T...

    Mark as Played
    December 30, 2020 49 min

    The Royal 20’s was one of our most powerful conversations a year ago as we headed into 2020.

    How does it feel different heading into 2021?

    Let’s revisit this story to bring more intention and ease into our year.

    Mentioned in this episode:

  • Entrepreneur? Join my free 5 Steps to Plan Your 2021 Business Revenue masterclass!
  • Our wedding photos at
  • Come share your thoughts below my latest IG post whatever it i...

    Mark as Played

    What if changing your body wasn’t one of your main goals in 2021?

    Or if the change wasn’t at all about punishment, shoulds, need to, but gratitude and kindness?

    In a season with so many overt and covert messages about our bodies, let’s have a girlfriend chat about our beauty.

    Come share your thoughts below my latest IG post whatever it is @HilaryRushford or leave a topic suggestion at

    Mark as Played

    Ever feel disappointed or nervous that you don’t or won’t do what you say you want to.

    Lose weight, start a business, write a book, clean out your garage, stop drinking.

    Whether big or seemingly small, I’ve got 3 Q’s to help us get clear on the repeating thoughts, goals, projects, fears that swirl in our head.

    Here’s to heading into 2021 with more space to live...

    PS Let’s hang out on Instagram (especially in Stories) @HilaryRu...

    Mark as Played

    My 5 P’s to a life of more intention. This is for entrepreneurs and the everygirl, and not only about social media but our time and attention.

    I took 1-2 weeks off Instagram in August and have been more intentional and aware since in my use of social media, my phone, my time off and more.

    For entrepreneurs don’t miss your chance to apply for my Elegant Excellence 2021 Mastermind <<< click to learn more!

    Q’s? Join the conve...

    Mark as Played

    From a musical theater performer in NYC to a CEO with zero business background, I myself can’t believe my own journey.

    I had nothing that you don’t have. No money, connections, or knowledge. And therefore if I can do it, so can you.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring, a career change or dream could be in your future, or you simply love hearing behind the scenes, there’s insight and encouragement in the 5 Phases I share in t...

    Mark as Played

    Are you grateful... for yourself? What you’ve accomplished, who you’ve become?

    In this heart-to-heart episode we touch on anxiety, wellness, marriage, business and more.

    With a specific spin on how to catch ourselves when we are setting ourselves up for disappointed, self-blame and self-shame.

    Order your Elegant Excellence Journal before the shop closes.

    Join the conversation on Instagram @HilaryRushford and

    Mark as Played

    6 Q’s to clarify who, what, when & why to give of our time, energy & finances.

    Today’s episode came from a great listener Q. There’s so much good we can do in the world, how do we not feel guilty we aren’t doing more or don’t really enjoy giving/helping in the same way someone else does?

    Get your Elegant Excellence Journal before they sell out!

    And on the waitlist now for the Elegant Excellence Mastermind.

    Come join the con...

    Mark as Played
    November 11, 2020 45 min

    Accepting a closed door, or rather being willing to close it yourself, can feel terrifying.

    Sharing my personal insights on how and when we listen to our gut, what breadcrumbs really mean, and the paradox of the grass always being greener.

    Whether starting a business, leaving a relationship, or any of your own life shifts, may this be a story of hope that supports you!



    Don’t miss ou...

    Mark as Played

    What if you had plans in 2020 that didn’t come to be? #AllHandsRaised

    Today I’m speaking to a common Q in my DMs on how to think about having not made a business or goal happen in this wild year of 2020.

    Using my own experiences of working out, meditation, and organization with my Elegant Excellence Goals Journal.

    This is the conversation we should have every year before New Years to remember to both focus on, and have grace for, t...

    Mark as Played

    How do you choose between goals? Avoid overwhelm, biting off more than you can chew? But also not have FOMO (fear of missing out) that you might chose the wrong goal, regret it, be sad you can’t have both?

    Today I’m sharing my signature principle for goal setting in a way that brings all our dreams and projects together. Instead of competing against each other, leaving us unfulfilled and disappointed. They work together, to give us...

    Mark as Played

    There is so much power in saying and writing our dreams. In today’s special episode I walk you through delightful and insightful prompts to uncover what lights up your head and heart; has in your past and will in the future. Pour a cup, grab a pen if you can, and enjoy!

    Then be sure to save your seat for our Elegant Excellence Goals Journal Reveal Party or snag your journal as soon as the doors are open!

    P.S. My favorite pens to us...

    Mark as Played

    I’ve identified five elements of our personality that trip us up in dreaming gracefully, spaciously, authentically.

    Which of these descriptions sounds most like you? When you think about why you aren’t today, living out a dream, on top of the world in LOVE with your life, is it MORE because you’re:

    THE STATS DREAMER. Uncomfortable saying WHAT we want, unless we understand HOW we can make that happen, how it’s realistic.


    Mark as Played

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