You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

As a stylist who explores what makes women feel beautiful, entrepreneur and Instagram favorite @HilaryRushford brings her witty, winsome, and wise voice to honest conversations on how to have an extraordinary life (without being exhausted): More joy and less overwhelm in your style, business, and life. You’re welcome (wink), in advance.


October 6, 2021 43 min

Behind the scenes as I walk the walk in making hard choices of less but better in this season.

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They told me I wasn’t sexy enough.

Well not verbally, but I knew that was why I didn’t get the job.

When I was set to return to the same place years later, an unexpected bump took a hit to my confidence.

At the last minute, I had a revelation about what the real change in me since that day was.

Whether this brings to mind going to a high school reunion, running into an ex, or the person who didn’t hire you:

What’s your real glow up...

Mark as Played

This is going to sound weird but this advice also applies to your relationship with your business, body, friendships, self.

When this Q was submitted as a requested podcast topic, I realized two keys that genuinely do bless my marriage. And wouldn’t have been the case if I had gotten married younger.

In other words, if you’re just starting out on a new chapter you wish had happened earlier, this will leave you encouraged.

And if yo...

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Have too much to do? This may be why.

Often when we’re deciding if we have the bandwidth to say yes to something, or feel stuck as to how we yet again are so behind, we’re considering our time but not our energy.

Today we chat about what that means, how you can tell, and how to choose more wisely.

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If you feel behind, I’m with you. Honestly. Being “behind” is SO arbitrary. I’m “ahead” of 98% of my colleagues yet still struggle with it.

We often talk about the highlight reel, how it often looks on social media like everyone has “arrived.” What they don’t share are their fears and struggles they went through to get there.

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Mark as Played

When there’s just too much on your plate, what do you do? When we get overwhelmed it can feel like there’s no option but to suffer. Actually, we have 5 options and I can get from helpless to hopeful in just a few minutes. 

The 5 P’s

  • Priority: This won’t happen now, I’ll let it go to make space for what matters most.
  • Patience: This will get done by a later date once I know I have space.
  • Perfection: This won’t be perfect, but perfectly...
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    Mark as Played

    Getting specific on how to avoid burnout. In the midst of juggling big projects the past three months, I’m shocked and thrilled to find myself more rested and sane than ever before. How did I make this shift? I’ll share as vulnerably as I can starting with this episode.

    Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Ep 60: The Wand: Change your day in 5 min (+ your inner teen girl)
  • Elegant Excellence Journal
  • Join me for my upcoming workshop, ...

    Mark as Played

    Do you have a dream and don’t know if it will come true? Finding your person, getting pregnant, or reaching a career goal?

    For me for many years it was marriage, and I’m deeply passionate about words and wisdom that did and didn’t help me when I was single.

    Listen in for yourself or someone you love, to be more curious and compassionate about the very important desires of everyone we know and love.

    Links in this episode

  • Ep 26: "...
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    Mark as Played

    Which path most describes you, as well as the people in your life or that you’re considering in your life? Whether romance, friendship, or simply ourselves I’ve been observing this new aha in others around me and also asking what I can learn from it myself.

    Jeremy's IG profile @TheDronalist

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    Mark as Played

    I don’t know any woman who won’t be better for listening into this conversation.

    I’m so passionate about this topic. It’s one of the reasons I’ve spent years working to write the book I’m working on now.

    Our culture has so many harmful messages about our bodies and our beauty.

    We are promised oodles of quick fix solutions.

    This one is free, easy, small, but deeply powerful for me.

    My greatest desire is that more of us would feel mo...

    Mark as Played

    Ever see someone at a fab resort you cannot afford? I love a good travel daydream, and heck a good resort! But often I find myself wistful for one day, instead of empowering and inspired for what I can make happen with my budget and family as they are today.

  • Visual inspo from my family vacay here
  • Ep 18: Three Personalities For Your Dream Itinerary
  • Would love to hear your thoughts after on Instagram @HilaryRushford or HilaryRushf...

    Mark as Played

    In a culture permeated with so much productivity guilt, hustle narrative, so many options, ideas, and opportunities…

    My constant undercurrent is to feel guilty that I’m perhaps not working hard enough.

    I loathe that this is true! Because I know it’s zero percent helpful, and only harmful.

    And on paper I know the facts: I’ve built a successful business and been running it for 11 years. I’m the only boss I’m accountable to, so clearl...

    Mark as Played

    I was jealous of her, before I saw how our stories played out. I imagine you’ve had the same happen? But maybe forget when the next instance of jealousy arises subtly or swiftly?

    Whether marriage, babies, career, or finances, this short yet powerful reminder is a recipe for more gratitude and compassion for ourselves and one another...

    Come join the conversation. Submit a Q or topic and hang out with me on...

    Mark as Played

    “We are certain that we were meant for more and that we don’t even deserve what we have.” -- Glennon Doyle

    How do we live in the guilt of abundance, and the longing for more?

    These 3 things help me (the 3rd one in particular!)

    Go forth and shine guilt free after this, friend.

    Then come join the conversation. Submit a Q or topic and hang out with me on Instagram @HilaryRushford in Stories while I write ...

    Mark as Played

    Anyone else frustrated they aren’t making more things happen? As quickly, smoothly, brilliantly as they envision? Press play for some wisdom, grace, permission and encouragement on why and what to do next.

    Then come join the conversation. Submit a Q or topic and hang out with me on Instagram @HilaryRushford in Stories while I write my first book!

    Mark as Played

    How do authors get a book deal? What does that even mean? What are the business elements behind the scenes of any creative endeavor?

    This is the stuff I geek out over! When you better understand the business mindset behind any creative endeavor, it demystifies other industries and pursuits. Plus, gives you great respect for those people you watch pursue and achieve it!

  • How do you find an agent?
  • What does it mean when a book goes to ...
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    Mark as Played

    12 Q’s to get unstuck, unashamed and out from under your stories and expectations.

    Whether getting the Broadway show, spouse, or learning to sail; whether personal or professional, lifetime legacy or would be lovely--do you or have you had a dream delayed?

    Join me as I share very specific examples and takeaways of my five year journey to wanting to write a book to finally signing a book deal with a top publisher to ACTUALLY write t...

    Mark as Played

    In our home we’ve been making a lot of big decisions lately.

    I realized a common theme, whether I was asking or being asked, was in essence this one question.

    Use it today and pass it on in your conversations this week!

    Episodes mentioned:

  • Ep 51: Healing Our Depression + Anxiety, with Beauty + Joy
  • Ep 55: What We Want Out of Work + How to Create It
  • Ep 56: Loneliness, Friendship + 3 Steps for Connection
  • Have a Q for a f...

    Mark as Played

    Both practical tips and philosophical questions -- like why are restricting our bodies in tight clothes to begin with?? Today let’s feel not just more beautiful, but more at peace both physically and spiritually.

    Listen to Ep 99 on The 2-Part Fashion Cocktail to hear more!

    Have a Q for a future episode? Leave a voice memo at

    Come share your thoughts on this episode below my latest IG post, whatever it is ...

    Mark as Played

    How can you welcome more people into your life, without excluding, yet also without compromising or editing your beliefs and experiences?

    Today’s listener Q is a great one whether an entrepreneur speaking to your audience on Instagram, or simply wanting to connect with more people in your personal life.

    Episodes mentioned:

    Ep 5: My Own Path to Making Closer Friendships
    Ep 17: Am I Doing Self-Love Wrong?
    Ep 106: Enough: Why we never...

    Mark as Played

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