You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford

As a stylist who explores what makes women feel beautiful, entrepreneur and Instagram favorite @HilaryRushford brings her witty, winsome, and wise voice to honest conversations on how to have an extraordinary life (without being exhausted): More joy and less overwhelm in your style, business, and life. You’re welcome (wink), in advance.


January 25, 2023 46 min

Culture puts much emphasis on the outside of our bodies. We feel confident or insecure based on what others see. 

Hearing from a few students of my Healing Burnout course made me ponder a new layer of feeling beautiful that we’re overlooking: how our body feels on the inside, the parts that only we feel.

This is inside body kindness, which then becomes more outside body kindness. I’ll explain in the episode! But I’ll tell you thi...

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The root reason you’re running so fast may surprise you. There’s the first layer fears. Once I dealt with those… I found a second layer, deeper reasons I didn’t even realize were there. Then I saw a friend go through the same phases, then students inside my Healing Burnout course started to report the same.

Here’s the secret: the real magic of life comes when you get past the second layer. It’s where everything feels good. Feels l...

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I have a vision for our new year, friend. One that is softer, more beautiful, yet has more easy strength than we’ve known.

In today’s episode I break down how I arrived at a new season of inner confidence, and how that’s different from outer confidence. 

We’ll talk about how to think about losses without minimizing them, what it means to feel like a situation broke you or didn’t break you, and importantly how to look a little lon...

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A gentle, delightful exercise to summarize your vision for the year ahead.

In a riff off our Slow Sessions inside the Healing Burnout Course and Elegant Excellence Community, music will support you with space to think, write, and hear from yourself after the questions throughout.

Whether you feel behind on your annual planning, or are already swimming in your “word of the year” or resolutions, use this session to bring extra clar...

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How to feel more joy, and hopefully a little less sadness this season, no matter what’s swirling around you.

Family drama, work stress, life losses – the holidays can be a bit bumpy emotionally with triggers big and small we’re bracing for or didn’t see coming.

During a bit of a tough time over Thanksgiving this phrase of 3 G’s came to me to explain what I was going through, how I was handling it, and why it was helping. Sharing ...

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Anyone else struggle with this? Using charming life lessons from The Holiday, I’m sharing a mental game that brings me more peace, less comparison or fear of judgment. 

We know we shouldn’t care what others think of us, but that’s easier said than done. Using charming life lessons from The Holiday, I’m sharing a mental game that brings me more peace, less comparison or fear of judgment. 

Press play for a seasonally appropriate mi...

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Rest and leisure is one way we avoid burnout, but what about when it leaves us drained or regretful? Doesn’t feel the way we were hoping it would feel?

Ever gone on a trip expecting to be rested and come home drained? Whether a vacation or family holiday, solo or group, simple long weekend or big financial investment. 

Listen in for coaching on how to make the most of your time, money, and energy for delightful memories that leav...

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What should you rely on more when it comes to big choices? How often do we actually make a wrong decision? Which advice that we’re given is sound, and which might we question?

Gain wisdom through the final in this 3-part series on making better decisions with more confidence and clarity.

As I say at the end, “I’m working on and growing in having more peace with complicated choices, feeling less anxious about them, living with the...

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An equation to help in the moments of endlessly waffling back and forth: Should I? Or no?? The more you overthink, the harder it feels to make a choice. Here’s why and a mindset that helps us make peace amidst challenging and important decisions.

Links in this episode:

  • Get on the waitlist for the 2023 Elegant Excellence Journal!
  • Episode #112: Motherhood: Yes, no maybe? 
  • Episode #98: The 2-Part Fashion Cocktail
  • Would love to hear you...

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    We spend so much time trying to make wise choices. How do we still get it wrong sometimes?!

    In this first episode of a three part series, we’ll use the kismet story of meeting our new kitten Freddie Cappuccino to ponder how much we know about what will really make us happy. Plus where is the balance between planning, and leaving room for fate.

    Links in this episode:

  • Get on the waitlist for the 2023 Elegant Excellence Journal!
  • Episo...
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    What’s the #1 cause of these horrible feelings that create so much exhaustion in your life, whether self-loathing, shame, or anger and judgment – at yourself and others?

    I believe I’ve identified the one core scenario that exacerbates all of these or creates more grace and connection. Listen in to feel more peace, love, and ease for you and everyone in your life.

    Links in this episode:

  • NEW Healing Burnout course, join the waitlis...
  • Mark as Played

    I’ve missed you! When the ground fell out beneath me this summer, here's what helped me swim back to the surface, plus kept me healthy during a challenging year before that.

    If you want things to feel a little easier, you are welcome here.

    If you’re tired or grieving, you are welcome here.

    If you’re looking for hope or healing, you are welcome here.

    Links in this episode:

  • My 1st IG post about grief this summer
  • The "disappo...
  • Mark as Played

    Behind the scenes as I walk the walk in making hard choices of less but better in this season.

    Join the wait list for the Elegant Excellence Goals Journal + Workshops!

    Would love to hear your thoughts after on Instagram @HilaryRushford. Submit Q’s or future topics at

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    They told me I wasn’t sexy enough.

    Well not verbally, but I knew that was why I didn’t get the job.

    When I was set to return to the same place years later, an unexpected bump took a hit to my confidence.

    At the last minute, I had a revelation about what the real change in me since that day was.

    Whether this brings to mind going to a high school reunion, running into an ex, or the person who didn’t hire you:

    What’s your real glow up...

    Mark as Played

    This is going to sound weird but this advice also applies to your relationship with your business, body, friendships, self.

    When this Q was submitted as a requested podcast topic, I realized two keys that genuinely do bless my marriage. And wouldn’t have been the case if I had gotten married younger.

    In other words, if you’re just starting out on a new chapter you wish had happened earlier, this will leave you encouraged.

    And if yo...

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    Have too much to do? This may be why.

    Often when we’re deciding if we have the bandwidth to say yes to something, or feel stuck as to how we yet again are so behind, we’re considering our time but not our energy.

    Today we chat about what that means, how you can tell, and how to choose more wisely.

    Get on the waitlist for the Elegant Excellence Journal

    Would love to hear your thoughts after on Instagram @HilaryRushford. Submit ...

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    If you feel behind, I’m with you. Honestly. Being “behind” is SO arbitrary. I’m “ahead” of 98% of my colleagues yet still struggle with it.

    We often talk about the highlight reel, how it often looks on social media like everyone has “arrived.” What they don’t share are their fears and struggles they went through to get there.

    Enrollment for my business program, Creative Business Accelerator, is now closed. Join the waitlist and get...

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    When there’s just too much on your plate, what do you do? When we get overwhelmed it can feel like there’s no option but to suffer. Actually, we have 5 options and I can get from helpless to hopeful in just a few minutes. 

    The 5 P’s

  • Priority: This won’t happen now, I’ll let it go to make space for what matters most.
  • Patience: This will get done by a later date once I know I have space.
  • Perfection: This won’t be perfect, but perfectly...
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    Getting specific on how to avoid burnout. In the midst of juggling big projects the past three months, I’m shocked and thrilled to find myself more rested and sane than ever before. How did I make this shift? I’ll share as vulnerably as I can starting with this episode.

    Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Ep 60: The Wand: Change your day in 5 min (+ your inner teen girl)
  • Elegant Excellence Journal
  • Join me for my upcoming workshop, ...

    Mark as Played

    Do you have a dream and don’t know if it will come true? Finding your person, getting pregnant, or reaching a career goal?

    For me for many years it was marriage, and I’m deeply passionate about words and wisdom that did and didn’t help me when I was single.

    Listen in for yourself or someone you love, to be more curious and compassionate about the very important desires of everyone we know and love.

    Links in this episode

  • Ep 26: "...
  • Mark as Played

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