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The Mo Egger Show -- 4/29/24 - Mo Egger

Mo Egger

Monday's show: Thoughts on what the Bengals did and didn't do during the draft, wondering if they get a bad rap for not developing offensive linemen, and thinking out loud about how they'll use their new offensive pieces.

Also....the good and bad of the Reds' weekend, a trend that can't keep up, the downside to an expanded NFL regular season schedule, and how many times will the host of this show refer to this year's Bengals first round pick as "Amarius Sims?"

Plus...Joe Goodberry from Bengals on the Brain recaps the draft, and Palmer Thombs of DawgsHQ on the two former Georgia Bulldogs who are headed to Cincinnati.

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The Mo Egger Show -- 4/29/24 - Mo Egger