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What to Do When Father of the Bride Gets Naked

March 15, 20173 min
  No parent at their child’s wedding reception should take their clothes off. If your dad has a tendency to get naked when he’s drunk, you need to assign somebody to babysit him at your wedding. It’s not cute, it’s not funny. It won’t make for a memorable wedding in a good way. The staff shouldn’t be subjected to your dad’s nakedness, even if you’re okay with your friends seeing your pops in his altogether. Sandy tells the true stories of two occasions when the Father of the Bride got stark naked and passed out in the middle of a wedding. Bless you, for the image above.   Sandy Malone Weddings & Events Weddings in Vieques Podcast: Twitter: @SandyMalone_ Facebook Sandy Malone and Sandy Malone Weddings & Events Instagram: SandyMaloneWeddings Subscribe via ITunes Here for more information about supporting our efforts to produce fine podcasts.    

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