600 Second Saga

S3.11 Not Here

June 13, 20186 min
Not Here by Russ Bickerstaff Russ Bickerstaff is a professional theatre critic and aspiring author living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his wife and two daughters. His short fictions have appeared in over 30 different publications including Hypertext Magazine, Pulp Metal Magazine, Sein und Werden, and Theme of Absence. https://pulpmetalmagazine.com/2014/06/07/rapid-cycling-by-russ-bickerstaff/ http://www.themeofabsence.com/2014/09/a-journey-of-one-mess-by-russ-bickerstaff/ 600 Second Saga Music is provided by MADS. You can support 600 Second Saga by giving us a 5-star review on iTunes Become a Patron! Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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