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#103: Luke Carlson on How to Run and Scale Your Fitness Business in the Smartest and Most Effective Ways Possible85 min
#102: Tim Ferriss VS Gary Vaynerchuk – How To Get the Most Out of Social Media, Business, and Life With Hustle and Focus30 min
#101: Dr. Brad Schoenfeld On Time-Under-Tension Vs Reps, Genetic Limits And Optimising Muscle Gain86 min
#100: Simon Shawcross and the Story of HITuni – How He Started a HIT Business From Scratch and Effectively Marketed and Scaled His Way to Success (and What You Can Learn From It All)109 min
#99: Skyler Tanner on The Most Effective Ways To Market Your HIT Business, Get New Clients, and Keep Them Coming Back Again and Again109 min
#98: Doug Holland on Powerlifting as a Hardgainer, Running a Lean High-Intensity Training Business, and Living a Spartan Lifestyle in the Modern Age98 min
#97: How to Use Batching to Boost Your Productivity and Reduce Stress in Business and in Life24 min
#96: Richard Nikoley Tells You Who To Listen To in the Low-Carb and Keto World124 min
#95: Dr. David Behm on How to Use Stretching Effectively To Improve Your Training Results, Reduce the Risk of Injury, and Optimize Sport Performance86 min
#94: Laval St. Germain on How to Set Yourself Up for Success and What It Takes To Go Beyond Your Limits134 min

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