Going There with Jen Vertanen
Going There with Jen Vertanen

Going There with Jen Vertanen


Susan Stewart on writing a book to validate her existence, finding her way back to comedy by way of the government, and what you should and should not google38 min
Laura Egland on having her car repo'd, finally feeling safe enough to break down, and not knowing if it's ok to be funny right now40 min
Ashley Beaudin on disrupting shame around our imperfections, sexting, and having her bottom teeth pulled at a men’s shelter36 min
Dyana Valentine on Dreaming for a Living, Unrelenting Grief, and Defining Relationships on Your Own Terms51 min
Thais Sky on Healing from Binge Eating, the Worthiness Wound, and Defining the Word “Broken”52 min
s1 ep9: Sally Hope on feeling extremes, losing her dad, and feeling abandoned40 min
s1 ep8: Emelia Symington Fedy on Radical Inconvenience, Hating Being a Mother, and Shitting the Bed49 min
s1 ep7: Me Riffing on Loneliness and My Podcast Journey Thus Far9 min
s1, ep6: Marie Poulin on Growing Up with a Borderline Personality Parent and Finding Healing Through the Meisner Technique43 min
s1, ep5: Jesse Kahat on How Her Family Celebrated Her Mother - KNOWING She was Going to Die Soon and the Pearls Jesse Received37 min

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