268: The UX of Technical Documentation — George Mocharko40 min
Ep 267: Sticking to Profits with Vending Machines — Matt Miller39 min
Ep 266: How to Find Your Niche and Grow Your Demand — Shayla Price36 min
Localized SEO for Mobile App Stores — James Hopkins33 min
Ep 264: How Introverts Can Maximize Productivity by Optimizing Communication — Kamil Rudnicki36 min
Ep 263: Insanely Great Product Design - David Fradin31 min
Ep 262: The Evolution of Journalism and Technology — Conrado Lamas32 min
Ep 259: Hackathon Hacks — Competitive Programming with Anthony Delgado42 min
Ep 258: How to Fold Time and Succeed with Business Coaching — Avrohom Gottheil on Entrepreneurship39 min
Ep 257: How to Launch Your Own Tech Conference — Justin Esgar39 min
256: Preselling Your Product Idea Through Context Marketing — Anthony Vaughan37 min
255: Veteran Gunshot Survivor on Structuring Your Life and Career — Justin Constantine33 min
254: How Introverted Techies Can Develop More Confidence — Aaron Walker on Business Development37 min
253: How to Stay Current on Latest Development Technologies — James Studdart on Career Development39 min
252: How to Build an International SaaS Company by Mining HackerNews for Customers — Krish Subramanian on Business Development34 min
251: Building Apps for Her Autistic Son With No Prior Development Training — Tiffany Simpson on Product Development35 min
250: The 6 Steps to Pwning a Podcast Interview — Tom Schwab on Building Your Business40 min
249: Crowdfunding the Self-Storage Space — Matt Schuberg on Entrepreneurship32 min
248: Why Your Mission, Vision and Values Should Precede Your Tech — Scott Beebe on Entrepreneurship42 min
247: Fighting Assassins and Drug Dealers in the Dark Web Underbelly of the Internet — Avi Kasztan on Entrepreneurship36 min
246: Building a SaaS Company in Facilities Management Without Knowing How to Code — Darren Whitaker Barnett on Entrepreneurship36 min
245: Legal 101 For Your Tech Startup — Radiance Harris on Leadership37 min
263: Has Software Development Shifted From the Contruction Paradigms? — Dmitri Saveliev on Technology43 min
243: Think Outside the Bag With Recycled Bottles and Billboards — Hamilton Perkins Entrepreneurship44 min
Technocentricity — The Fifth Dysfunction of a Software Team26 min
241: How Being a Podcast Guest Will Generate More Sales for Your Business — Tom Schwab on Entrepreneurship38 min
244: Joshua Futrell — How a Network Engineer Can Launch a Service-Based Business34 min
239: Avoidance of Leadership — The 4th Dysfunction of a Software Team33 min
240: Archika N. Gupta — Independent Freelancer to Business Owner33 min
237: Alex Rubinchek — The Philosophy and Steps to Managing Your Internal Dialogue38 min
236: The Third Dysfunction of a Software Team: Confirmation Bias37 min
235: 100x Your Revenue With These Habits — Korey McMahon on Entrepreneurship37 min
Thanksgiving Message & Podcast Announcement12 min
234: The Second Dysfunction of a Software Team: Social Anxiety34 min
233: 7 Tips to Be Less Distracted and Get More Done — Thor Conklin Productivity38 min
232: How to Shift From Business Operator to Business Owner — Justin Deese on Motivation33 min
231: 10,000 Easy Steps to Finding Your Passion — Fabian Geyrhalter on Being Unplugged36 min
The Anxiety of Failure42 min
War Stories From the Airsoft MilSim Field — James Studdart on Being Unplugged43 min
223: How to Use Hypnotism to Rewire Your Brain for Success — Jacob Strachotta on Entrepreneurship41 min
222: The Anxiety of Asking for Help and Favors47 min
221: Building the Uber of Charity in 6 Months — Gret Glyer on Technology35 min
220: The Anxiety of Imposter Syndrome — Do You Feel Like a Giant Fraud?41 min
219: Getting Things Done with Slack, Todoist and YouTube — Francesco D'Alessio on Productivity37 min
218: How to Get Out of Mom's House After Your Startup Fails — Dinesh Kandanchatha on Motivation37 min
217: How to Achieve a Level 10 Life by Channelling Your Inner Yoda — Boom Shikha on Being Unplugged41 min
216: How to Overcome the Cycle of Suck and Mediocrity of Meh — Patrick Vlaskovits on Entrepreneurship45 min
215: GitHub's Anti-Harassment Tools and the Open Source Codes of Conduct — Coraline Ada Ehmke on People35 min
214: The Challenge of Proving Your Customer Is Who They Say They Are — Ron Atzmon on Technology40 min
213: The Anxiety of Losing Friends By Getting a Promotion37 min
212: How to Have a 4 Day Weekend Every Week Through Outsourcing — Peter Malick on Productivity40 min
211: How to Publish 15 Books on Amazon After Your Spouse Says Your Writing Sucks — Michal Stawicki on Motivation36 min
210: How to Avoid Turning Your Startup into Just Another Job41 min
209: Awesome Free Marketing Channels for Your Startup36 min
208: How to Find Your First Customers When You Hate Selling40 min
207: The Technology Stack Most Tech Pros Fail to Master in Their Startup38 min
206: When and How to Bring on Help for Your Startup45 min
205: How to Find the Startup Idea You Were Meant to Launch42 min
204: How to Get Past the Anxiety That Handcuffs You to Your Miserable 9-to-5 Job43 min
203: Hacking Technology for Fun and Profit, But Mostly Fun — Anthony Delgado on Being Unplugged39 min
202: How to Turn Your First Big Failure into Your First Huge Success — Jeremy Slate on Entrepreneurship34 min
201: Building the Next Generation of Superheroes, One Little League Athlete at a Time — Clarence Washington on People35 min
200: Serverless Forms and the New Hawtness in API Generation — Travis Tidwell - Technology44 min
199: Why Competition Sucks When You Should Be Collaborating — Corey Grusden on Leadership48 min
198: The 4 Most Common Mistakes That Business Owners Make — Jaime Jay on Productivity37 min
197: Why The Compulsive "Do, Do, Do" Culture is Killing Our Relationships — Wes Pinkston on Motivation38 min
196: How to Defrag Your Brain and Live Like a Local in the Philippines, Cambodia and Siberia — Kris Reid on Being Unplugged32 min
195: How to Negotiate for ANYTHING in Your Business and Life — Kwame Christian on Entrepreneurship41 min
194: The NeuroScience and APIs to Make Your App More Addictive — Dalton Combs on People39 min
193: Image Cognition APIs Powering Self-Driving Cars and the Holodeck — Brad Folkens on Technology36 min
192: How to Grow From Uber-Geek to Self-Aware to Geek-Leader — Tom Cooper on Leadership40 min
Why GitHub Pages is More Valuable Than StackOverflow or Google to Your Dev Team — Jim Kohl on Productivity38 min
If Your Software Doesn't Focus on Accessibility, You're Losing Amazing Customers — Tanner Gers on Motivation46 min
189: How to Spend More Time at the Cantina Without Worrying About Bounty Hunters38 min
188: How to Start an Innovation Alliance at Work Without Being Crushed In One Swift Stroke53 min
187: Social Engineering Hacks to Break Into the Jedi Council Without Looking Like a Nerfherder43 min
186: How to Choose the Best Tech When You Have the Budget of the Rebel Alliance48 min
185: Jedi Mind Tricks to Influence Your Colleagues into Action Without Pissing Off the Empire (Or Your Boss)50 min
184: How to 5x Your Output (Like a Droid) Without 5x the Hustle (Like a Smuggler)43 min
183: How to Be Jedi-Knight-Luke-Skywalker Instead of Whiny-Farmboy-Luke-Skywalker on Mondays41 min
182: The 3 Types of NPCs You Must Have in Your D&D Game To Engage Your Players49 min
181: The Basics of Intellectual Property Law That Every Tech Business Owner Should Know — Anthony Verna on Entrepreneurship45 min
180: Celebrating Disagreements and Diversity in the Tech Industry — Paula Paul on People42 min
179: The Past, Present and Future of Women in Technology — Brandy Semore39 min
178: Helicopter Bosses and Cash Flow FinTech — Kevin Jean-Charles on Leadership31 min
177: How to Survive Content Tsunamis and Animated GIF Storms — Theo Priestley on Productivity39 min
176: Why This Hip-Hop Artist Has a $7 Million Check on His Wall — Kindle Rashod on Motivation35 min
175: Cultural Inspirations For Your D&D Homebrew — Chad Bostick on Being Unplugged37 min
174: Building an Affiliate Empire without Neglecting Your Family — Priest Willis Sr on Entrpreneurship44 min
173: Business Cultures That Will Make or Break Your Big Data Initiatives — Bill Schmarzo on People36 min
172: Our BioTech Network Security Should Scare the Crap Out of You — Nick Rust on Technology37 min
171: How to Increase Staff Retention Without Being a Bully — Maggie Georgopoulos on Leadership39 min
170: The Key to Enabling Successful Productivity Hacks — Alex Barker52 min
169: What Happens After Your Co-Founder Files for Business Divorce — Jason Burt on Motivation38 min
168: Developing an Epic D&D Campaign Story — Chad Bostick on Being Unplugged47 min
167: Helping Companies Who Think "Clippy" is Modern Technology — Simona Pop on Entrepreneurship39 min
166: Tech Interviews From the Perspective of the Interviewee — Andy Haskell on People36 min
165: Fishing for Business Solutions in Your Data Lake — Stephen Gatchell on Technology34 min
164: Teat Your Employees the Way You Want Them to Treat the Company — Eric Fisher on Leadership35 min
163: Keeping Junk Managed Using the Eisenhower Method — Jay Miller on Productivity36 min
162: How to Build a Business After a Tragic Personal Loss — Andreas Jones on Motivation32 min
161: Picking a Genre and System for Your Roleplaying Game — Being Unplugged40 min
160: How to Self-Publish a Successful Kindle Book — Dave Chesson on Entrepreneurship38 min
159: Recruiting Snitch Spills Insider Secrets to Hiring Process — Alysse Metzler on People46 min
158: The Secondary IT Market is Becoming the World of Warcraft Auction House — Doug Wick on Technology48 min
157: Why Tech Lead Positions Are So Lonely — Patrick Kua on Leadership41 min
156: How This Video Game Company Identifies the Perfect Features and Business Partners — Spencer Liu on Productivity38 min
155: Flight 1549 "Sully" Survivor and Software Architect Ben Bostic on Motivation46 min
154: Interview Players For Your D&D Campaign By Playing Board Games — Being Unplugged47 min
153: The Business-Building Activities You Should Be Doing — Kelly Roach on Entrepreneurship40 min
152: Why Real Estate Agents Will Never Be Replaced By Tech — Monica Neubauer on People41 min
151: Creating an Inequalities Awareness Campaign Using Facebook — Tim Barnes on Technology42 min
150: Why Leaders Need to Understand the New Trinity of Power — Chris Surdak on Leadership37 min
149: The 4 Cornerstones of Writing Software — Bill Kennedy on Productivity37 min
148: Prove Your Haters Wrong — Basel Farag on Motivation36 min
147: 10 Business Lessons Learned in Role Playing Games - Chad Bostick on Being Unplugged37 min
146: Identifying Ideal Clients and Pricing Models in Your Startup — Veronica Kirin on Entrepreneurship39 min
145: Crucial Conversations and Anxiety44 min
144: When Not to Focus on Tech — Adam Wallschlaeger on Technology35 min
143: Lego is Investing in Improving 1-on-1's Through Duuoo.io — Dennis Green-Lieber on Leadership40 min
142: Being Productive When You Have Social Anxiety Disorder46 min
141: Contemplating Suicide Taught Me This About Social Anxiety — Chad Bostick on Motivation51 min
140: Training for Marathons Helps Achieve Career Goals — Steven Judd on Being Unplugged57 min
139: ZayZoon Wants to Destroy Payday Loan Sharks — Tate Hackert on Entrepreneurship34 min
138: Building a LinkedIn Network That Actually Adds Value — Mike Montague on People40 min
137: The Support and Extensibility of Magento E-Commerce — Aric Watson on Technology41 min
136: You Have What It Takes to Be a Great Leader, Here's How — Rennie Cook on Leadership40 min
135: Masterful Social Media Strategies with MeetEdgar — Laura Roeder on Productivity38 min
134: Getting Clear on Your Passionate Purpose — Greg Knapp on Motivation37 min
133: Find and Be a Significant Mentor — Todd Conklin on Being Unplugged40 min
132: PodXRef is the IMDB of Podcasting — Matthew Rehm on Entrepreneurship33 min
131: Why Relationships are the Strongest of the 3 Types of Power — Therman Trotman on People45 min
130: Sharing vs Selling, Culture vs Code & Zipkick's Honest Travel Reviews — Jason Will on Technology41 min
129: Using Systems Architecture to Build Teams — Scott Jancy on Leadership38 min
128: Your Life Partner Can Help You Get Clear on Life Goals and Make Them Happen — Nick Snapp on Productivity44 min
127: How to Achieve Motivation Longevity43 min
126: Hosting Remote Tabletop Games with Roll20 — Nolan T. Jones on Being Unplugged52 min
125: How Freelancers Can Drop Nutbag-Crazy Clients By Starting a Membership Site — Mike Morrison on Entrepreneurship55 min
124: The Gap In Industry Podcasts and the Process For You To Crush It — Jim Collison on People37 min
123: Data Science Helps Build Strategic Advantage — Jamie Dixon on Technology33 min
122: Help Desk to Infrastructure Engineer to IT Director — Zach Hughes on Leadership43 min
121: What This Magician Learned Tracking Every Minute of His Time — Trigg Watson on Productivity48 min
120: How to Experience Happiness in Difficult Circumstances — Indigo Ocean Dutton on Motivation34 min
119: Where Would You Go If You Had a One-Way Ticket to Anywhere? — Steven Shalowitz on Being Unplugged35 min
118: Membership Models That Create Long-Term Relationships with Customers — Mike Morrison on Entrepreneurship41 min
117: Hacking the 4 Archetypes in the Board Room to Kill Your Next Presentation — Christina Canters on People42 min
116: Tools To Create 100+ Podcast Episodes — Chad Bostick on Podcast Technology49 min
115: How to Sell Your Ideas to Your Boss — Mike Crandall on Leadership45 min
114: When and How to Hire Virtual Assistants in Your Side Hustle — Nick Loper on Productivity36 min
113: His 23 WordPress Sites Got Hacked Continuously for 8 Months — Jean Perpillant on Motivation41 min
112: Accomplish More and Have Better Relationships with Mindfulness — Bruce Langford on Being Unplugged36 min
111: The Logo Geek — Ian Paget on Entrepreneurship41 min
110: How to Get More Followers Than Justin Timberlake — Matt Gibson on People49 min
109: Why Aunt Milly Won't Use Your Software — David Platt on Technology35 min
108: Delegate, Empower and Build Trust — Tarek Dina on Leadership42 min
107: Why Tigger is More Productive Than Eeyore — James Studdart on Productivity41 min
106: Work Like a Professional, Have Fun as an Amateur, Improvise as a Jazz Pianist — Ron Drotos on Motivation40 min
105: We Are the Last Generation That Grew Up Without Smart Phones — Oded Israeli on Being Unplugged41 min
104: Lean Startup Process and Talent4Startups.org — Rajiv Menon on Entrepreneurship32 min
103: Relate then Communicate - Tips for Shy People41 min
102: Automatically Publishing Live Videos and Podcasts into your WordPress Site — Hani Mourra on Technology34 min
101: Lead With Consistency — Carson Heady on Leadership41 min
100: How I Published 100 Podcast Episodes in 100 Days — and a CHALLENGE!56 min
99: Coping with AIDS as an Emulator DJ — Derek Canas on Motivation34 min
98: Awesome Video Game Articles You've Never Read — Keith Chima on Being Unplugged45 min
97: From Palm Pilot Development to Passive Income Businesses — Cassidy Lackey on Entrepreneurship40 min
96: You're Not Getting Promoted Because of Your Awkward Communication Style — Tim Priebe on People44 min
95: GoLang Will Make Your Plumbing Code Sexy — Aaron Schlesinger on Technology45 min
94: Why Toyota Doesn't Manage From the Conference Room — Jason Burt on Leadership37 min
93: How Dell Optimizes Meetings — Nathan Johns on Productivity34 min
92: Spontaneous World Travel with Flight Life App — Lisa Mothersille on Motivation35 min
91: How an Introverted Poet Can Perform for Thousands — James Wilson on Being Unplugged44 min
90: Homeless to Real Estate Tycoon to FOREX Trader — Karma Senge on Entrepreneurship46 min
89: How To Recruit Software Developers Who Code Like Artists — AB Periasamy on People Friday41 min
88: No One Downloaded Your App Because Your Pre-Launch Sequence Failed — Arne Giske41 min
87: Why Great Dev Managers are Like Pirate Ship Captains — Jeff Maxwell on Leadership38 min
86: If You're Not Pair Programming You're Wasting Money - Llewellyn Falco on Productivity Tuesday49 min
85: Will Campbell of Inscouts — Say No to Unnecessary Overtime and Watch More Football33 min
84: Changing the Way Society Thinks About Work — Jared Porcenaluk on Being Unplugged38 min
83: ChopDawg Founder Joshua Davidson Has a 25 Year Strategy and Thinks You Should Too34 min
82: Do Emojis and Animated Gifs Help or Hinder Business Communication? — People Friday with Edward Fry43 min
81: Create an Uber-like Business in Minutes — Technology Thursday with Alex Saidani34 min
80: Business Acumen — The 9 Critical Attributes in Performance Reviews: Part 342 min
79: Implementing Scrum for Kids — Productivity Tuesday with Stacey Ackerman31 min
78: Your Voice Is Unique, So Use It — Motivation Monday with Jason Freeman44 min
77: Orlando United — Reflecting on the Pulse Nightclub and OKC Bombing23 min
76: This Oklahoman Fempreneur Runs 3 Online Businesses From Her Smartphone - Entrepreneurship Saturday with Lauren Rutledge32 min
75: How to Have Guts and Self-Awareness - People Friday with Mike Crandall50 min
74: Questions We Should Ask About Technology and Humanity - Technology Thursday with Pamela Pavliscak42 min
73: Measuring Teamwork — The 9 Critical Attributes in Performance Reviews: Part 254 min
72: Split a Problem in Half Until You Find the Root - Productivity Tuesday with Ryan Ayres35 min
71: The Construction Worker Who Changed His Life Through Video Games - Motivation Monday with Dave Voyles46 min
70: Draw a Line Between Work and Life - Sunday Being Unplugged with Veronica Kirin37 min
69: Discover the Rockstar Inside You - Entrepreneurship Saturday with Nicole Holland42 min
68: The Process of Innovation and People Who Have Great Ideas - People Friday with Gert Garman35 min
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66: Getting Personal — The 9 Critical Attributes in Performance Reviews: Part 158 min
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64: The 21 Year-Old Who Sold 3 Companies - Motivation Monday with JR Rivas34 min
63: Avoid Self-Destructive Behaviors By Taking Time Off - Being Unplugged Sunday with Chris Britton34 min

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