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JJRR Ep19 Leaving the corporate world - Creating a million man, woman and child army of outdoor enthusiasts - with Tom Mulliez52 min
JJRR Ep18 Skipping college - Retiring at 35 - Building a personal finance community - with Sean Merron62 min
JJRR Ep17 Challenges of the independent artist / entrepreneur - Artistic honesty - Moving to NYC - with Sam Blakeslee56 min
JJRR Ep16 Music festival producing - Growing the arts cutlure in Akron, OH - with touring musician / actor Theron Brown60 min
JJRR Ep15 Cryptocurrency / blockchain - True Portfolio diversification - Innovative Investing with Kirk Chisholm67 min
JJRR Ep14 The history of podcasting and orange juice marketing with podcast pioneer Rob Greenlee60 min
JJRR Ep13 Drones for bridge inspection - 3D printing in Civil Engineering - Power lifting with James Hillegas43 min
JJRR Ep12 Ecommerce mindset - Happiness - Benefits of coaching with Asheer Ahmed64 min
JJRR Ep11 Embracing disruption - Going from invisible to investable - Creating a successful pitch with John Livesay56 min
JJRR Ep10 Fearlessness - Discovering you're an entrepreneur - Reimagining women's active apparel64 min

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