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August 30, 201714 min
Welcome to the Latina Mastermind Podcast - the first podcast designed specifically to empower the Latina community. Hosted by licensed clinical psychologist, LinkedIn author, international speaker, and member of the prominent women’s media outlet for experts, SheSource, Dr. Isuara Gonzales shares her deep passion for giving back to the Latina community by sharing her stories and experiences as a Latina entrepreneur. Latinas are the most underpaid sector in the United States. Despite having $1.3-trillion in buying power, owning over 1.4-million businesses, and exceeding the Hispanic population in college enrollments by 73%, Latina’s earn significantly less than their professional counterparts. We want to help bridge that gap by empowering you to step into the amazing thought-leader role we know you can be! Latina Mastermind Podcast is your place to find inspiration, support, and empowerment to help you improve your life, grow your business, and find the support and inspiration to share your knowledge, tools, techniques, and expertise with the world around you. It is important to invest in yourself, your family, and your future – because you are the future. What You Can Expect from the Latina Mastermind Podcast: Our goal is to help inspire Latinas to discover their earning potential and bridge the gap between our realistic earnings vs our potential To inspire Latinas to discover their voice and share their knowledge to positively impact their life, family, and financial health. A supportive community and network. I’ll reveal my network – people I have known over the last few years – and provide valuable, insightful interviews on the show so we can grow together.   Rate, Review, Share, Empower Thanks for tuning in to the Latina Mastermind Podcast! Our mission is to empower the Latina community – to help you grow your business, improve your life, and find financial success. If you enjoyed today’s episode, please subscribe to the show on iTunes, leave your honest feedback, and share the episode with your friends! Empowering the Latina community is an important task we are passionate about! Your feedback and shares will help us reach and empower even more Latinas!

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