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It's a Cold Open But It's Warm In Here, Honey w/ Special Guest Michelle Buteau! (Michelle Buteau, Dope Queens, Self Worth, Jenny Jones, Oprah)

March 15, 201874 min

74 min
Diversifying Your Life! (Indigenous Authors, Black Queer Films, The Oscars, Book Of Mormon, How To Get Away with Murder, Scandal)

March 9, 201871 min

71 min
Title: Everyone's got their Vehicle! (Was Detroit the Movie For Us/ By Us, Updates on Puerto Rico, Was Annihilation Whitewashed?)

March 2, 201875 min

75 min
From Roots 2 Royalty (Hip Hop Investors, Slavery, More Black Panther, Fergie, and the National Anthem)

February 23, 201879 min

79 min
James Squared (Special Guest James Nowlin author of The Purposeful Millionaire, The Winter Olympics, Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother, Delivery Men)

February 16, 201876 min

76 min
Black Roots in Music & Comics (911, Timeline of White Folks Appropriating Black Music, Black Comic Characters, Janet Appreciation Day, Justin Timberlake, Queen Nefertiti, Scandal, Today Show)

February 8, 201876 min

76 min
Wakanda Forever! (Black Panther Purple Carpet World Premiere, History of Black Comics, The World of Wakanda, Who's Who in Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita N'Yongo, Angela Bassett, Cast of Black Panther)

February 1, 201875 min

75 min
Minority Korner 113: Thank You for Thanking Me and Thank You, Thank You (Women's March, Mike Pence, Adam Ripon, Lady2Lady, MaxFunCon, Full House, Black Lives Matters, 100 Days of Gratitude)

January 26, 201878 min

78 min
Minority Korner 112: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea (Martin Luther King Jr. Quizlette, Asian American Activist, Gidra, H&M, Fast Fashion, South Africa)

January 19, 201870 min

70 min
Minority Korner 111:Titties Loose and My Hair Tied Up! (#TimesUp, Golden Globes, Racial Politics of Obesity and Food, Whole 30, Oprah, allyship, Malcolm Gladwell)

January 12, 201870 min

70 min

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