The CoinSec Podcast

The CoinSec Podcast


Episode 30: Blood in the Streets, Mean-Time-To-Monero-Mining, and a New Crypto Puzzle

September 7, 201838 min

38 min
Episode 29: QT Wallet Primer, China Cracking Down, Mining in Norway, and Lazarus Group Malware

August 24, 201853 min

53 min
Episode 28: Back from Black Hat & DEF CON, Microsoft's New Blockchain Service, Tineola Red Team Tool, Hacker Bail Set in Cryptocurrency, and More

August 18, 201857 min

57 min
Episode 27: SIM Swapping Attacks, Hijacked Twitter Accounts, 2FA Phishing, and a Massive CoinHive Campaign

August 3, 201856 min

56 min
Episode 26: Cryptojacking and Advanced Attackers, How to Spot a Bad Coin, and a Digibyte Primer

July 20, 201862 min

62 min
Episode 25: Miner Security, Bancor Hacked, False Top-Up Ethereum Vulnerability, and Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet

July 13, 201860 min

60 min
Episode 24: GPU Talk, Syscoin Hack, $100 Million Crypto Wallet Bug Bounty, and Electroneum Supporting ASICs

July 6, 201849 min

49 min
Episode 23: Silk Road, Mastercard Blockchain Patent, Bitfi Wallet, FPGA Cards Making A Comeback, and Stop Cryptojacking

June 29, 201848 min

48 min
Episode 22: Passphrase Cracking, ZCash ASICs, BitThumb Hack, Blockchain C2, and Firebase DBs Hacked

June 22, 201868 min

68 min
Episode 21: Blockchain-based Voting, EOS Bug Bounty Payouts, Raven Coins Jacked from YiiMP Pools, and North Korea Targeting Exchange Users

June 8, 201852 min

52 min

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