The Retail Rant

WTR Episode 7: Special Guest Tyler Daniels

August 3, 2017107 min
Welcome back to Rantyville! On this episode, TRB and Heather D are joined by comedian (and superfan) Tyler Daniels as we discuss the events of the past week, and get a taste of Tyler and TRB's comedic stylings in a new "Stand Up Battle" (except we were both sitting down, but who's keeping score?). More fun topics include - Fish assholes - Cheap beer - Heather's birthday - Tales From the Uber - Dear Abby - and more! Check out our artist of the week, Circuit Static, on Twitter (@circuitstatic) and his website ( Contact these fools - Heather - @IB4ECeptAfterC TRB - @TheRantyBastard Lots of #couchpartycrew references in this episode, so get on that app in the Google Play Store so you can check them all out!

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