Voices of Deconversion

Voices of Deconversion


046 Nicki: Grew up Charismatic & Loved It! Learns to Read People. She Rebels, Then Returns. Her Mom's a Prophet. Doubts Persist, Atheism Follows.

August 1, 2018134 min

134 min
045 Christine Goodrich: Forsaking Faith Co-Host. Raised Charismatic is Now Atheist. She Sought God and Felt Guilt. Her Mom was an Evangelist.

July 19, 201894 min

94 min
044 Eva Quinones: President of Humanistas Seculares de Puerto Rico who Sued the Government for Separation of Church and State. She's a Humanist Agnostic-Atheist

July 6, 201889 min

89 min
043 Ric Caliolio: Baptized Roman Catholic. Loves Science. Trades Fatalism for Self-Determination as an Agnostic-Atheist

June 20, 201885 min

85 min
042 L.A. & T: Pastor for 26 Yrs., Deconverts & Church Leaders Follow! His Radio Contract Gets Torn Up. He's a Top 300 Minister. Change Begins in India.

June 7, 2018125 min

125 min
041 Heather Bailey: Forsaking Faith Podcast Co-Host. From Dancing Charismatic to Agnostic.

May 22, 201896 min

96 min
040 Black Nonbelievers Inc. Founder & President: Mandisa Thomas

May 1, 201871 min

71 min
1 Year Anniversary Podcast!!!

April 18, 201829 min

29 min
038 Vilmarie Perez: Raised Evangelical. Becoming Less for God Leads to a Serious Problem. Came Out to Her Mother & was Forced to Move.

April 3, 201851 min

51 min
037 Benibo Ajumogobia: From Lagos, Nigeria. Mom was a Deaconess, Dad an Elder. At 16 He Cuts Out Friends, Vows Celibacy. 9/11, Howard U and CSPAN Impact Faith. Now He's Agnostic-Atheist

March 21, 2018111 min

111 min

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