A Broad Cast - Podcast

A Broad Cast - Podcast

Queen ShanShan spills the HOT tea on travel, food, culture, and the world of beauty. Weekly new guest co-hosts, funny banter about pop culture and just 'off the cuff' conversations. It feels like you're talking to your best friends on a daily basis.... Show More

Have you ever thought to yourself and asked, "What's going in our neighbor's home? Are they hiding anything weird in their basements or garages?" Longtime friends Kirk Green takes the mic with Queen ShanShan and shares his exciting career in interior design and home staging. He discusses his inspirations and shares what led him into the interior design and home staging world. Kirk started his own company Décor Revamp and talks about the challenges and the rewards he has experienced in starting his own business. They also talk about the dating scene in Los Angeles and meeting that someone special. Will we find that special one in our life? Love thy self. Obscure travel places were also discussed. Stay tuned for a special surprise at the end of the episode. As always, thanks for listening to A Broad. 

 To contact Kirk Green and his services:


  • Phone:323-509-4939
  • Email:info@decorrevamp.com
  • IG: designerhomestager
  • Host, Creator and co-produced by Shannon Langhorne abroadproductions@gmail.com

    Co-Produced and edited by Devin Carbaugh devin.carbaugh@gmail.com

    Artwork by Theron Langhorne theron.langhorne2014@gmail.com

    Music Intro and Outro Joe Smith joehynus@gmail.com


    Thank you to our sponsors:

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    Lital Arbib-Medical Aesthetician Skin Care








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