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May 20, 2024 57 mins

Scars are like tattoos with better stories. 

This is a heart-expanding statement from this week’s guest, who has transformed his scars from a tragic military accident into a powerful story of resilience.

Every business owner, changemaker and leader experiences struggles that feel much bigger than they can navigate at some point in their journey.

Often leaders believe they must be stoic and be above their personal challenges. But what if we could embrace more vulnerability and have a greater impact too? 

In episode 388 of Amplify Your Success, host Melanie Benson and guest J.R. Martinez delve into the transformative power of vulnerability and connection in building unshakable leadership resilience. Drawing from his own harrowing experiences as a U.S. Army veteran and motivational speaker, Martinez shares a profound account of his troubled youth and a tragic accident that helped condition his mind and spirit for resilience, shedding light on the value of listening and being vulnerable to be a more powerful leader.


Key Takeaways:

06:04 Our scars become part of our motivation and inspiration if we let them.

10:05 JR shares how his troubled teens and early experiences shaped his resilience. 

12:14 The importance of what you focus on, especially when you’ve experienced a tragedy.

15:39 What JR learned to help him take a balanced approach to scheduling and avoiding burnout.

18:40 Shifting perspectives around failure and choosing different paths in life.

24:04 Life experiences with family, self identity and how it shapes your resourcefulness.

27:03 Yoga as a peace practice that can help you feel more grounded, no matter what’s happening around you.

31:57 Learning to listen and the power of being vulnerable.

37:37 Overcoming personal struggles by listening, not just hearing.

47:14 Encouraging diversity and JR’s concerns about terminology like “soft skills.”

52:05 Recognize, embrace and amplify the power of our own stories.


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