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The Amazing Stan Lee

November 16, 201828 min
Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95 this week.  No one was more associated with Marvel Comics.  And to mark his career, and his passing, we found an expert. Jim Fadler grew up in Columbia, Missouri. He started reading his brother and sister’s comic books when he was five years old.  Batman and Superboy were his favorites.  His first exposure to Marvel was Fantastic Four and Spiderman comics, and he immediately recognized they were different, especially the art work and the dynamic story telling.  To say he was a huge fan in his teen and college years is probably an understatement. He has read more, and remembered more, about Stan Lee, Marvel, and comic books in general than anyone we can think of.  On this Bay 11, he shares all sorts of interesting information about Lee's long career, and the history of the comic book genre.

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