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Belize is open for travel! Yes, we’re back and we can’t wait to welcome you back to our shores.

On October 1st, 2020, the Belize International airport finally reopened for leisure travel. Belize had closed its airport and borders on March 23rd. 

For over 6 months we were closed to inbound tourism. National Health and Safety guidelines were developed by the Belize Tourism Board through a 9-point certification program called the Gold Standard Recognition Program. A new Belize Health App is also required for entry to Belize.

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  • In this episode, Mrs. Misty Michael from the Belize Tourism Board joins us to talk about Airport protocols and other travel updates from Belize.

    Misty is the Director of Marketing and Industry Relations at the Belize Tourism Board, with many years of experience in Marketing, Branding, Business Development, and Communications. 

    Misty has been very hands-on with all the countrywide preparations and high-level discussions and decision-making over these past 6 months. She is one of the key people leading this monumental effort in Belize’s tourism industry. 

    As of October 1st, you can visit Belize by air, you can stay at Gold Standard certified hotels, use Gold Standard certified tour operators and certified transport such as shuttles, car rentals, and taxis.  

    You can explore Belize from Reef to Jungle, responsibly, and safely at your pleasure.

    You can visit all the wonderful sites, taste all the delicious food, experience the rich cultures, and fully enjoy your Belize experience.

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