Bible Prophecy Revealed

Bible Prophecy Revealed


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I am a retired electrical engineer that is looking for Jesus' soon coming. Bible prophecy has interested me for many years but has eluded my full understanding. I thought that only Bible Professors who were the experts were the only ones who could understand and explain prophecy. But I got to thinking that God must want everyone - even me to understand end time prophecy. That began a multi-year search to find the simple keys to understanding prophecy. If you take the time to view ALL my prophecy videos you will be rewarded with an amazing story. Why not give it a try - It's FREE! God Bless... Art Cambigue // LINKS // _ YOUTUBE CHANNEL: _ VIMEO HOME PAGE: _ RECENT UPLOADS: _ FACEBOOK: _ MY WEB SITE: WWW.BIBLEPROPHECYHELP.COM/ _ CONTACT (COPY & PASTE): - - - -... Show More

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