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The Big Impact Podcast injects positive and uplifting conversation into a culture needing to hear from people of insight, influence intelligence and inspiration. Many of our featured guests are well known personalities, others are everyday people with a powerful and encouraging story to share.


May 8, 2024 30 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 262 - Finding Value In Others And Yourself

Say “hello” to your new best friend. A friend who doesn’t gossip. Who is emotionally stable. Who
brings a lot more contentment and far less drama into your life. Who understands and values you.
That friend is you.

Dr. Christine Cooper knows it takes more than kindness and good intentions to build healthy, lifelong
relationships. As a former mean girl, she made...

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 261 - How $65.43 Changed George Forever 

The story of George Puia is beyond fascinating, especially when you consider that a self-described "stoner hippie" went through a complete life change when he began following Christ...and that the introduction took place in a most unusual way.

This is one of the great Jesus Revolution stories you'll ever hear, and somehow $65.43 is at the center of it. Listen, sh...

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 260 - Don't be A Crab w/ Author Hooman Montevalli

Our guest is Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Hooman Montevalli as we focus on his new book - Don't Be a Crab! A Practical Guide to Building Strong, Joyful Relationships You hold the key to profoundly transforming your relationships.

Our daily lives and communications lack clarity. This is a huge problem in long-term relationships, regardless of ...

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November 10, 2023 64 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 259 - Jesus Revolution Music with Nancy Honeytree

What a thrill to welcome one of the original "Jesus Music" musicians - Nancy Honeytree - to the Big Impact for a poignant, insightful, moving conversation about her music, church culture then and now, the impact of the Jesus Revolution movie, and so much more.

You'll be greatly encouraged in your faith and gain a fresh appreciation for true musical artis...

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July 21, 2023 38 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 258 - Rick and Jane's Walk Across America

How would you respond if asked to do something you knew was impossible? Something so difficult, so crazy, so beyond your ability that it didn’t even make sense. You’d dismiss it, forget about it and act like you were never asked, right? But what if it were God asking? What if you were absolutely sure that you had just heard God speak?

This is that story. It is ...

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May 15, 2023 33 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 257 - Harp For The Lord with Christy-Lyn

This is a conversation I never saw coming, but you are about to meet one of the world's foremost online teachers of the harp, Christy-Lyn from South Africa.

God is calling people all around the world (many of them in the United States) to learn to play the harp. Hundreds of people are obeying, and when they play the harp God changes the atmosphere and brings hope...

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May 13, 2023 42 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 256 and an incredibly important conversation about your family and the struggle to regain control over technology. Our special guest is Joey Odom, co-founder of Aro - a faith-centered organization with a passion for helping families regain connection through an innovative approach.

Listen in as Odom shares his personal story of struggling with technology prioritization and the impact on his family...and...

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 255 - An Orphan in the House of God - Overcoming Abuse

Our featured guest is Craig Daliessio, author of "An Orphan in the House of God," a powerful personal story about overcoming the horrors of an abusive childhood, experiencing years of homelessness, and ultimately coming to know Christ as the healer of all that hurt.

"Jesus said: "Unless you become childlike, you cannot grasp the kingdom of God..."

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 254 - Lord, Have Mercy - The Incredible Story of Mercy Baldwin

This conversation revolves around the powerful testimony of 20-year old Mercy Baldwin and the numerous miracles surrounding her life. One of 10 Baldwin kids, Mercy recently suffered a life-threatening stroke, and shares that part of her journey in this conversation. We're also joined by her parents, Tim and Pony Baldwin.

The Baldwins are als...

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January 4, 2023 39 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 253 - Jeremy Delk - Without A Plan

"Without a Plan" is the story of a smart and confident man whose brash and forward approach to
all things—while not for everyone—quickly builds trust with guaranteed authenticity. Follow
Jeremy Delk from a primary school in Kentucky, when his father passed away in a tragic
accident, to the boardroom of his own investment firm filled with innovative companies,

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November 16, 2022 43 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 251 - The Incredible Journey of Gerardo Sanchez

Imagine being 13 years old and being immersed in a frightening middle-of-the-night caravan that had to walk through mountains and valleys in the hope of making it to America and being reunited with your parents.

Now, add to that surreal experience the added challenge of having your 7-year old brother along with you and having to carry him several hours.


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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 250 - Us In Mind - Changing Your Marriage w/ Ted Lowe as we visit with best-selling author Ted Lowe to explore his new book, "Us In Mind."

You'll hear about 5 powerful thoughts for improving your marriage. Research shows happy couples think in a way unhappy couples don’t. What if you could ensure your thoughtswere setting you up to love well? You can.

In Us In Mind: How Changing Your Thoughts Can Chang...

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November 2, 2022 33 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 249 - Pancakes for Roger - Susan Combs

Major General Roger Combs was a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who was diagnosed with Agent-Orange-related throat cancer in his later years, which he had been exposed to as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. 

His daughter and best-selling author, Susan, acted as his caregiver throug...

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 248 - David Richman - Cycle of Lives: A Cancer Journey

An entrepreneur, author, public speaker, athlete, and
philanthropist, David Richman uses the lessons
learned in his life to enrich and inspire others.

As a former sedentary, over-weight, smoker, David knew that he needed to focus not on what others wanted out of him, but on what he wanted out of life.

With his first book, Winning in the Middle of t...

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 247 and an inspiring, powerful conversation with best-selling author, Cesar Perez.

A professional actor with a promising career, Cesar Perez was on a meteoric rise until a drunk driver slammed into his car head-on. He coded on the paramedics more than once on the way to the hospital, and coded again when he arrived.

It’s a miracle he even survived. Still, he wouldn’t have called it miraculous at the tim...

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April 28, 2022 45 mins

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 246 - Scott Seipel - The Story of A Miracle

We catch up with Scott Seipel, a man who was given 8-12 weeks to live...6 years ago.

Enjoy his powerful testimony of God's provision for him and his family, bringing him through the darkest of times and now realizing his purpose for living - an share the link with someone you know!



Read more

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 245 - Finding Hope In Times of Tragedy - Pastor Cam Walcott

Pastor Cam Walcott describes his family’s struggle towards hope in the midst of unexplainable, extraordinary tragedy. He details the inner struggles he went through and is still going through, having been deprived of his beloved son so unexpectedly. How can we continue to hope in God when everything has been taken away from us?

We also are give...

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 244 and the powerful story of Adam Hill and his new book, Shifting Gears.

It was never part of Adam Hill's life ambition or his genetic constitution to wear a Speedo in public, let alone compete in a triathlon. For the first three decades of life, he was the poster child for non-athleticism, obsessively unhealthy habits, and an intense fear of...well...everything.


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December 23, 2021 5 mins

Welcome to a special abbreviated Christmas special edition of The Big Impact as host Bill Hobson shares his thoughts about this holiday season and what it truly represents. 

Christmas doesn't exist because of the "stuff" we get and give. It exists, as Linus shares with us, because of the One who came.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hobson Media!

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Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 243 as we share A Fresh Look At Leadership with Scott Jeffrey Miller.

Scott currently serves as the Special Advisor on Thought Leadership for the Franklin Covey Company and is the host of their weekly podcast series, On Leadership with Scott Miller.

Scott also hosts FranklinCovey’s monthly bookclub on which debuted in April, 2021. Additionally, Scott is the prolific author of numerous books...

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