Books in Heinessight
Books in Heinessight is the podcast that helps authors, readers and other folks in the publishing world to connect and discuss ideas, projects and common issues affecting people in the publishing world as well as artists in general. Our guests are people interested in helping those in the publishing world by sharing their knowledge and experiences. Matthew Heines, the host and creator of the show is an author and a teacher who started life as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne before he went on to earn his degrees in Washington State and Alaska. His vast interests, experiences and curiosity make Matthew Heines one of the truly great podcast hosts.
Marjorie Young - Psychic Author - The Boy With Golden Eyes

February 19, 201970 min

70 min
Ed Dames Super Spy - Tell Me What You See - Part 2

February 19, 201965 min

65 min
Ed Dames Super PSI Spy - Tell Me What You See

February 18, 201963 min

63 min
Angie Chuang - The Four Words For Home: A Memoir of Two Families

February 15, 201968 min

68 min
John De Graaf - Affluenza - How Overconsumption is Killing Us

February 14, 201967 min

67 min
Missing Author Northwest Paranormal

February 13, 201936 min

36 min
Michelle Dickenson - Breaking Into My Life: My Battle to Reclaim Myself

February 11, 201954 min

54 min
Steven Mays - Power of 3 Lessons in Leadership

February 7, 201994 min

94 min
Podcast Guest From Hell and Other Things That Piss US Off

February 4, 201939 min

39 min
Nick Begich - Controlling the Human Mind

February 1, 201967 min

67 min