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Do Comedians Have the Right to Offend? with Alex and RA

May 30, 201831 min
“It’s a comedian’s duty to find the line and deliberately cross over it.” – George Carlin Cafecito Break Live at the Hive with Alex Perez and Rosangel Perez The Perez Sisters share their thoughts about comedians, society, and the scary overly politically correct culture they are seeing evolve in many places. TOPICS: *1984 *Is comedy on its way to becoming extinct? *Our thoughts about comedy, comedians, and Roseanne *President Trump and his politically incorrect ways… *the Great Awakening is not Politically correct… it’s uncontainable *The Perez Sisters ask you to look at the bigger picture, ask the bigger questions… RA and Alex warn that censoring speech can and will “bite” us in our bunz Reflection: What world are we creating for our children and future generations? CAFECITO UPDATES: -TAG YOU ARE IT… Visit Beehive Oven Biscuit Café – Williamsburg, Brooklyn and tag yourself/take a pic of you at Bee Hive and we will give you a LOVE shout from BEE HIVE… Gracias y bendionces! Love RA and Alex CAFECITO PODCAST with RA, RUTHIE & ALEX Holistic Mystic Critical Thinking Mamacitas Please share our Cafecito Break with your tribe.  

Chat About Do Comedians Have the Right to Offend? with Alex and RA

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