Carousel Sniper Victim


March 15, 201991 min
Straight up warning up top, I got a bit emotional talking about the events that transpired in New Zealand today (Friday 15/03/2019) It was only right up top before we dived into the episode proper, if you don't want to hear that skip to around 00:05:00 Now that that's out of the way on with some laughter and bants! In this random bonus RELOADED 5.0 episode we cover: Our recent trip to the Legacy Military Auction, where we picked up some sweet pieces of history! Reverse Carousel Sniper Victim, what is it? What does it mean for you? Tech Talk with Jack and Shaun's pretentious new Samsung smart phones/ watches. An Asian lady and her dog? Whats the deal with Mike Boudet and Sword and Scale? All this and more! To help support victims of the shooting today in New Zealand, click here Mental health issues- Beyond Blue Domestic Abuse- Lifeline Caring for someone with a drug problem?- Here. -LIKE-SHARE-COMMENT-TAG-REVIEW- Patreon: Carousel Sniper Victim Shop here: Find more at Produced by Shaun Jeffery Additional production by Leigh Massoni Follow us on all your finest social tubes: @CarouselSniperVictim @DeadGlassDesign Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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