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AF001-Justin Bailey

August 4, 201763 min
Justin Bailey is the creator of Code of Character. Justin is  a guy who feels old around millennials (anyone who doesn’t get a “Homey the Clown” reference) but doesn’t get the jokes of Gen X’ers, stuck somewhere in between. He's a sports fanatic, who has to intentionally regulate his emotion and time spent on teams that don’t know he exists. He has a beautiful, amazing yogi wife who has had plenty of reasons to give up on the roller coaster that is marriage, but has decided to stay, fight, and grow with him. He is a father to three boys who challenge him every day. Fatherhood itself challenges him, the enormity of realizing the potential to screw these kids up forever, or fill them with life and passion to change their pocket of the world, can be overwhelming sometimes. But the upside is limitless; the joy found in parenthood is incomparable to anything else in his life. Justin got married and left for Army boot camp in the same week. He wouldn’t advise this for anyone, specifically not a twenty year old kid who thinks he knows everything because a beautiful girl had joined the journey with him. He worked in information technology for over a decade, and it’s been very good to me. Several years ago Justin started thinking there may be another mission that I should be pursuing. " I was content working my career, raising my boys and cutting up with Katie, but I felt like there was something else I was supposed to be doing. This feeling was the beginnings of Code of Character."  Justin decided a few years ago that what he loved doing was coaching and teaching. "Whether it was teaching a new technology to someone, or coaching baseball to kids, the central theme came back to the fact that I am most happy when I am able to see the light go on in someone’s eyes because they “get it”. My hope is that through providing resources to people, one on one problem solving and coaching, small group workshops, and speaking that I can fill a need in our society to make tomorrow just a bit brighter for the next generation."   About Code of Character We all agree that society has lots of problems, lots of complex problems with no decisive answers that we all seem to agree upon. Whether or not the “good ‘ol days” ever existed doesn’t matter. What does matter is where we are now and where we are going from here. We are at a point in history where we have the resources and the means of communication to affect change on a global scale. I believe the best course of action is a bottom up approach, starting with men. Why men? Statistics show that men are wreaking havoc on our society than women, and we all know this to be true without looking at the data. Call to Action I am proposing a grass roots “man up” approach. Building a community of men together that crosses religious, political, and ethnic boundaries that focuses on mutual values, faith in one another, and a commitment to building up each other and future generations toward building a society of excellent men. Men that are able to communicate with one another about real life and intercede on behalf of each other when life is tough.

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