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RBF011: Dont Try This At Home

August 6, 201724 min
SUMMARY: Welcome to Remove Before Flight where we help prepare Veterans to start, grow or scale a business. Every Sunday Kevin will share an interview with a successful business owner, or a service organization which can help you along your journey, when possible the interviewee will also be a veteran or Remove Before Flight will feature a marketing training to help you make you business a success.  If you liked this episode please share with your friends and family!   In this episode things get real. Paige is back and this time she is the host of the show spinning the table around by interviewing her dad about entrepreneurship.   IN THIS PARTICULAR EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: Learn our host, Kevin Fairbanks' views on Entrepreneurship Keeping Yourself Educated Kevin's Golden Rule     LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Get Your Copy of Head Space and Timing: Veteran Mental Health from a Combat Veteran Perspective Today! Purple Heart Day: Honoring Our Soldiers a blog post I had the pleasure of writing for EarQ.   FREE Website SEO Audit Visit PinkTieTech and click on the pink button in the bottom right corner that says "Send a free SEO audit report for my site".   Veterans Hearing Study   RBF NATION: You listen to the show, now JOIN THE NATION Book A Call With Kevin (Veterati) Be A Guest on Remove Before Flight Hire Kevin for your Website or Marketing Needs Veteran Entrepreneur Mastermind PinkTie Technology Group Social Media Posting Plans  - Coupon Code: RBF-001   A2 Hosting   Give back to Veterans who give back to Veterans!    Hey, It's Eddie and Bennett! Thanks for listening! Thanks so much for listening! Have some feedback you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comment section or you can leave me a message about this episode by going to   If you enjoy the show I sure hope you'll subscribe and download a bunch of episodes on iTunes.   All these shows are free to download and listen to and we don't ask for donations or anything to create this show. But if you'd like to totally make our day... we would be forever grateful if you would be so kind as to leave an honest review on iTunes.   If you are new to reviews and need a little help, you can go to LEAVE A REVIEW and we will walk you through that step-by-step. Thank you in advance for doing that!  – plus, we read each and every one of them! Please share this episode with your friends and family!

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