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June 11, 2024 30 mins

#605: Boost Your Sales: Top Agents' Secrets to Targeting Motivated Sellers

In the Honey Badger Agent Attraction Q&A meeting, hosts discussed several important topics to help real estate agents succeed. They introduced the Funnel Pilot, talked about targeting motivated sellers, and shared Alex Formosi's core four strategies for effective marketing. This episode is full of easy-to-understand advice and steps to help agents grow their business and attract more clients.

The episode begins with the launch of the Funnel Pilot. This new tool is designed to help real estate agents improve their onboarding process and attract more clients. The hosts explain how beta testing has made the onboarding process even better, making it easier for agents to start using the tool right away.

Next, the discussion moves to motivated seller campaigns. The hosts emphasize the importance of targeting motivated sellers to increase production. They share how top agents use these campaigns to find people who are ready to sell their homes. They also talk about leveraging express offers with EXP to make the process smoother and more attractive for sellers.

One of the main highlights is the introduction of Alex Formosi's core four strategies. These strategies include sphere marketing, a one-to-many strategy, cold outreach, and ads. The hosts explain how these strategies can help agents reach more people and generate more leads. They also mention expert mentor conversations that provide deeper insights into these strategies.

Lead generation and marketing are crucial for real estate success. The hosts discuss how many agents struggle with getting enough traffic and converting leads into clients. They stress the importance of thinking like a marketer first and building a business around motivated sellers. This approach can help agents attract more clients and close more deals.

Maintaining strong relationships with vendors is another key topic. The hosts remind agents to regularly reach out to vendors and ask for opportunities. They talk about the importance of keeping these relationships healthy and rewarding vendors for referrals. This can help agents get more leads and grow their business.

The episode also includes preparations for an upcoming speaking event in Ottawa. The hosts discuss how they plan to focus on growing a real estate team locally and sharing strategies for lead generation and team growth. This event is a great opportunity for agents to learn from experts and network with others in the industry.

As summer approaches, the hosts advise agents to stay consistent with their daily activities. They highlight the importance of not becoming complacent during the summer months. Staying diligent and maintaining daily routines can help agents gain momentum and outperform others who might slow down during this time.

Action items from this episode include registering for the Funnel Pilot session on Thursday at 1:00 PM, ensuring motivated seller campaigns are a core part of the business, reviewing and implementing the core four strategies, listening to expert mentor conversations for insights, reminding vendors to send opportunities regularly, preparing for the upcoming speaking event in Ottawa, and staying consistent with daily activities throughout the summer.

Tune in to this episode to get the latest updates and strategies for enhancing your real estate business. Don't miss out on the valuable insights shared by the hosts to help you win more deals and grow your network.



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