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October 21, 2020

Amas and Bob continue the discussion about social media channels and take a deeper look at operationalizing social media care.  They discuss:

  • Whether or not you should have to be on every social media channel your customers are on?
  • TikTok for Service?
  • Your organization voice on social media
  • How important is a channel transition plan?
  • Measuring success on social media
  • And much more...

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    Amas and Bob enjoy answering a question from an Omaha listener:

  • Do you have to be everywhere you customers are?
  • Which channels would work best for you?
  • One of the most popular social media channels doesn't have service options yet, do you know which one?
  • They will discuss the trend of over investing in social media at the cost of other channels 
  • They also share the best way to stop issues from going viral 
  • And much more...

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  • What is the function of CX Consulting in 2020?
  • How the loss of strategy planning impacts implementation?
  • Why playing it safe no longer works?
  • Where do you start when it is apparent you have a problem?
  • Eagle Creek:

    Ray Goff:


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  • How did the idea of shipping cookies start for Nom?
  • How can you use gifts to break through the noise in our digital world?
  • How can you use gifting in a service recovery environment?
  • She shares her goldfish moment - it is a delightful Christmas story.
  • Chelsea is cofounder of Nom - 

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  • The Curated Experience Podcast hosts Joseph Maxwell of Parlance, for episode #79
  • Why is the phone automated system and IVRs so universally hated
  • Why speech recognition alone doesn't get the job done
  • Building a phone system that works for elderly patients
  • 35% of callers gets transferred, they don’t like it, and it can be prevented
  • You can improve the employee experience by letting callers speak naturally to connect, when they call in...
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  • The power of very simple changes to your language to the customer experience
  • How do you use words to remove customer friction in service 
  • In service recovery - How to Say Sorry less, apologize more
  • What are the steps in actually getting forgiveness when your brands screw up
  • How do you use words to reduce turnover
  • Where do you start?
  • Contact Krister - on Twitter: @meetkrister

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  • How many metric should you have?
  • Should it be uniform across roles
  • Not every metrics belongs on a scorecard
  • Should you vary the weighting by role?
  • What are the five metrics?
  • CSAT
  • First Contact resolution
  • Tune in to hear the other 3
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  • The CFO and the C suite are humans with their own needs
  • Your communication must be tailored to what they care about
  • Focus on their metrics, and their outcomes
  • Stop assuming everyone cares about happy customers as an end to itself.
  • You need political Capital
  • Start by executing on small changes in your purview
  • Bank the capital from small wins
  • Spend the capital on big projects
  • Reach Bob on twitter

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  • Bob & I discuss why training for front line leaders are so important
  • What you can do to educate yourself continually as a supervisor?
  • This course is for current and future contact center leaders
  • What is included in my Contact center Management course
  • Who should take it and some high praise 
  • The contact center management course is available for purchase at 

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  • Everyone claims they want to provide a great customer experience and then their actions don't match their words
  • We have a bias in our CX Strategy that get sin the way of seeing the entire customer Journey from the customer POV
  • We hire people then brainwash them into thinking they now work for the greatest company on earth with the greatest products and services. We do not train them to be curious about customers in a way that w...
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  • Don't be afraid to make a mistake
  • Build a "river of information"
  • Get a tribe - make connections 
  • Join associations like CCNG 13:23
  • What learning looks like in a remote world
  • Learn from mentors and being a mentor

    Reach us at


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  • Is the stereotype of contact center true?
  • Did you watch the show about the call center called Outsourced
  • The characteristics of a bad contact center environment in one word is surveillance
  • If you do not trust your employees you are doing it wrong
  • Contact centers create too many rules for the exceptions not the rule.
  • Are your rules for the employees or for you
  • Tips for making changes in the contact center for the better without spendi...
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  • Gary York is a serial entrepreneur and technologist and CEO of helplightning
  • Teleportation is coming but in the mean time we have Augmented reality specifically virtual presence.
  • Differentiation Virtual Reality from Augmented Reality
  • How does Augmented reality help on the front end (sales) of the experience -proposals for B2B in Pre-Sales 
  • Field Service may be the biggest opportunity for Virtual Reality in CX
  • The potential reduction and...
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    Show Notes

  • Bob once wrote 5 years ago "Omnichannel or Die" we ask Bob if that article aged well
  • The compounding effect of doing better on digital channels
  • The rumors of the voice channel demise was greatly exaggerated 
  • What are the new goals of Omni
  • Bob's Sales/Marketing envy rears its ugly head agan
  • Situational Video vs Video everywhere
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  • Employees, customers or Shareholders if you had to start with one
  • Is your "Why" Strong enough but more importantly "who" will you become.
  • What separates the "haves" vs "have nots"
  • How do you turn turnover into an opportunity
  • Why leadership is the number one investment every organization should make.
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  • Haves or Have nots
  • The most customer centric Company on earth story
  • Why posters on the wall and a new value statement telling the world you care about the customer is worthless
  • How do you get the CFO on board for your cx efforts
  • Commercial Chief customer officer
  • StakeHolder Hierarchy - who comes first -  customer, employee or stakeholder.
  • His answer will surprise you
  • Your company needs a North Star for CX that is meaningful and attain...
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  • Books to read - Never eat alone, Good to Great, who move my cheese, freakonomics
  • Contact center churn - Why did you stick around so long
  • Diversity in contact center
  • Most embarrassing day of your professional career
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    In the age of Ai, and tech and more tech we still need humans and more than ever before.

    _ Chatbots, chatbots chatbots

    -reducing cognitive load on the rep by getting every single agent an AI assistant 

    -Trends post Covid-19

  • Embrace WFA - Work from Anywhere
  • Beware of data/asset protection
  • Think about its impact on channels
  • Full view of the customer experience.
  • GQ is cofounder of LTV plus -

    Twitter: ht...

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  • 3 Tips if you have never managed a WFH team
  • Distraction Management
  • Engagement 
  • Reporting
  • Digital for short communications
  • Zoom/Webex isn't feedback
  • Use the YMCA method of coaching
  • Bob's dress code on Video conferencing
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    - People first

    - Be honest

    -Say when you don't know

    -Take stock in things that are working now or not working to incorporate into your playbook

    -Be a decent Human Being 

    Mark as Played

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