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The Curated Experience

You can't escape customer experience, the best place to learn how to improve customer experience and customer service is on Amas Tenumah's Show.


April 19, 2021

Amas has a great conversation with world renown author and keynote speaker Steven Van Bellghem.

You will enjoy hearing about:

  • The evolution of customer experience
  • The new customer expectation
  • What is the next great development in regards to customer experience
  • And much more. Learn more about...



    Mark as Played

    The conversation continues with those crazy people guys, Brian and Ted from 5th Talent.  In part two they discuss:

  • The methodology to getting the human to human challenge right
  • It's not the ping pong table, pizza party or even higher wages so what is it?
  • What makes a person want to flip burgers for less money rather than work in the contact center
  • And much more

    Learn more about Brian:

    Mark as Played

    Amas visits with Brian Kearney and Ted Nardin, founders of 5th Talent for two great discussions. In this first one, they discuss the following:

  • The disconnect between what companies say and how they actually treat their people 
  • They discuss whether or not the contact center job a worthwhile job
  • How does getting the human to human piece right actually benefit you?
  • And much more

    Learn more about Brian:

    Mark as Played

    This week Amas and Bob take a look forward to the opportunities of 2021:

  • Contact centers may end as we know them
  • Companies may start to focus on service in a new way
  • What will 2021 mean for AI?
  • Learn more about Amas Tenumah

    Learn more about Bob Furniss


    Mark as Played
    January 11, 2021

    Amas and Bob take a look back at 2020 and discuss:

  • The Bromance is real
  • The biggest positives for the industry last year
  • Cloud telephony 
  • Being more thoughtful about the DNA of your company 
  • and much more. 

    Learn more about Amas Tenumah

    Learn more about Bob Furniss

    Mark as Played

    Amas and Bob are back together to discuss the most difficult job in any company and why:

  • They illustrate what life in a call center looks like
  • One uncomfortable challenge for male supervisors
  • How socioeconomic factors impact call centers 
  • A direct message for call center executives
  • And much more!

    Learn more about Amas Tenumah

    Learn more about Bob Furniss

    Mark as Played

    Tune in to hear a great conversation with Amas and Luke Anderson as they discuss the following:

  • What exactly is "Customer Experience"?
  • Is the chief customer officer a real role?
  • What are companies actually doing to improve 'Customer Experience'?
  • Can technology really help the experience of the customer?
  • How can technology help service employees?
  • And much more.  

    Learn more about Luke Anderson

    Learn more about Amas Tenum...

    Mark as Played

    Amas and Bob have engaging conversation about communities.  Here are a few topics you will hear about:

  • Should communities be a tool in your self service toolbox?
  • Hear how a few companies have made communities work for them
  • How do I migrate people into your community from the social network built communities?
  • If you want to know how to get the most out of the community tool, listen to this podcast. 

    Learn more about Amas Tenumah


    Mark as Played

    The discussion on chatbots continues this week.  After a quick recap, you will learn more about:

  • The difference between a chatbot and an expanded knowledgebase
  • What makes a good chatbot?
  • Is your chatbot authenticated?
  • Just like a human, a chatbot has its limits, plan handoffs
  • And so much more.

    Learn more about Amas Tenumah

    Learn more about Bob Furniss


    Mark as Played
    November 23, 2020

    In this episode Amas and Bob discuss the following:

  • Are chatbots delivering what they promised?
  • Chatbots don't work well without one thing and Bob tells you exactly what that is.
  • You will hear key tips to designing more effective chatbots.
  • Just like pets and kids, chatbots need care and feeding.
  • Should you be transparent about using a chatbot or more subtle?
  • And much more...

    Learn more about Amas Tenumah

    Learn more about Bob Furnis...

    Mark as Played

    Amas and Chris have an insightful conversation about:

  • Who really designs brand promise?
  • What causes the gap between what is expected and what is delivered?
  • How do you measure the gap?
  • The real work to fulfill brand promise is internal.
  • And Much More 

    Learn more about Amas 

    Learn more about Chris 

    Mark as Played

    Amas and Bob continue the discussion about social media channels and take a deeper look at operationalizing social media care.  They discuss:

  • Whether or not you should have to be on every social media channel your customers are on?
  • TikTok for Service?
  • Your organization voice on social media
  • How important is a channel transition plan?
  • Measuring success on social media
  • And much more...

    Learn more about Amas Tenumah

    Learn more about Bob F...

    Mark as Played

    Amas and Bob enjoy answering a question from an Omaha listener:

  • Do you have to be everywhere you customers are?
  • Which channels would work best for you?
  • One of the most popular social media channels doesn't have service options yet, do you know which one?
  • They will discuss the trend of over investing in social media at the cost of other channels 
  • They also share the best way to stop issues from going viral 
  • And much more...

    Learn mo...

    Mark as Played
  • What is the function of CX Consulting in 2020?
  • How the loss of strategy planning impacts implementation?
  • Why playing it safe no longer works?
  • Where do you start when it is apparent you have a problem?
  • Eagle Creek:

    Ray Goff:


    Mark as Played
  • How did the idea of shipping cookies start for Nom?
  • How can you use gifts to break through the noise in our digital world?
  • How can you use gifting in a service recovery environment?
  • She shares her goldfish moment - it is a delightful Christmas story.
  • Chelsea is cofounder of Nom - 

    Mark as Played
  • The Curated Experience Podcast hosts Joseph Maxwell of Parlance, for episode #79
  • Why is the phone automated system and IVRs so universally hated
  • Why speech recognition alone doesn't get the job done
  • Building a phone system that works for elderly patients
  • 35% of callers gets transferred, they don’t like it, and it can be prevented
  • You can improve the employee experience by letting callers speak naturally to connect, when they call in...
  • Share
    Mark as Played
  • The power of very simple changes to your language to the customer experience
  • How do you use words to remove customer friction in service 
  • In service recovery - How to Say Sorry less, apologize more
  • What are the steps in actually getting forgiveness when your brands screw up
  • How do you use words to reduce turnover
  • Where do you start?
  • Contact Krister - on Twitter: @meetkrister

    Mark as Played
  • How many metric should you have?
  • Should it be uniform across roles
  • Not every metrics belongs on a scorecard
  • Should you vary the weighting by role?
  • What are the five metrics?
  • CSAT
  • First Contact resolution
  • Tune in to hear the other 3
  • Follow Bob on linkedin and twitter

    Mark as Played
  • The CFO and the C suite are humans with their own needs
  • Your communication must be tailored to what they care about
  • Focus on their metrics, and their outcomes
  • Stop assuming everyone cares about happy customers as an end to itself.
  • You need political Capital
  • Start by executing on small changes in your purview
  • Bank the capital from small wins
  • Spend the capital on big projects
  • Reach Bob on twitter

    Mark as Played
  • Bob & I discuss why training for front line leaders are so important
  • What you can do to educate yourself continually as a supervisor?
  • This course is for current and future contact center leaders
  • What is included in my Contact center Management course
  • Who should take it and some high praise 
  • The contact center management course is available for purchase at 

    Follow Bob on linkedin and twitte...

    Mark as Played

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