Emergence From Life's Biggest Obstacles

Emergence From Life's Biggest Obstacles

Emergence from Life’s Biggest Obstacles with Wendy Sloneker When winter feels endlessly long, we know that, in time, it will pass and spring will come. Enduring the heat or cold or darkness of Earth's seasons is really all about time and patience. Grief and shadow seasons don't work that way. Whoever first said "time heals all wounds" was — sadly — more optimistic than realistic (or had pretty shallow scratches). I know from my own experience that moving beyond and getting unstuck requires new frames and new concepts. I'm your host & Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker, and in this podcast, we're looking at seasons of shadow in a new way — forward and outward... from inside. Yes, there are many who try to rush past grief, get it "over with" and move ahead. That's not Emergence. Emergence is moving through a grief and shadow process, being present in the now but seeing connections to the possibilities ahead. With new tools and perspectives, with imagination, a light and gentle touch, with humor and even some irreverence woven in, our approach will capture your attention, sparking and illuminating fresh options and ways of thinking.


September 25, 2023 17 mins

If you’re in a shadow season or a heavy time of loss, you know the process of healing can be painful and scary. There are moments within that process that you might think you’re just not going to make it through.

Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker shares where this healing experience fits within your Emergence journey and your process of navigating feelings of grief or loss.

In this episode, Wendy...

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Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker talks about “Zooming out” in this episode. Before you log into that 3rd video chat of the day or “unmute” your mic and camera, just wait. Take a second to take a breath. 

This practice of “Zooming out” is an exercise for your imagination. It’s a way to stay grounded when the feelings of grief or loss get overwhelming, and you’re not quite ready to face a “Zoomful” of people. 


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Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker knows that waiting is hard. Thoughts of What happens next? What if…? can be overwhelming and take over our brains. Wendy has practiced taking  the unconscious discomfort of not knowing what might happen next and bringing it into the conscious thought of staying open to what’s possible. 

This is where your Emergence journey can begin. Wendy encourages us to pay attention to op...

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Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker finds parallels and life lessons in all life throws at her, even having COVID!

In this episode, we learn how life’s biggest obstacles are determined by what’s happening to you in any given moment. And in this moment, for Wendy, it is recovering from being sick.

Our bodies have so-called “factory settings,” and what you need is what you need. So give yourself grac...

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Wendy Sloneker is sharing her episode when she was a guest on the podcast Dating After Divorce with Sade Curry. In this special episode (replayed from July 24 on Dating After Divorce), Emergence Coach, Wendy Sloneker shares her transformative journey through the end of her marriage and her path to her authentic identity.  

In addition to talking about her own divorce, Wendy shares her story of coming out a...

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It’s like a cage fight: inside tyranny vs inside safety, duking it out to take control of your sense of self. Feeling safe within yourself is an option; you can achieve it, you can maintain it, but you may need some new tools to get there and stay there.

You can cultivate a sense of safety in your own skin, in your insides. It happens, Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker tells us, when there’s contact between t...

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July 24, 2023 14 mins

Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker is helping us understand the difference between being Embodied and being “Em-brained” in this episode of Emergence from Life’s Biggest Obstacles. 

Wendy shares her experience of what it was like when she was more “em-brained” than embodied — it wasn’t good. The “em-brainment” came with being too much in her own head and getting stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts. Can you r...

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In this episode, Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker talks about your reticular activating system: the built-in system in your body that helps you hit the reset button. When you need to stop and refocus, give yourself a break, and work on the tone of your self-talk, reticular activation can give you a way to develop the skills for the positive self-talk you need. 

For Wendy, puzzles and word searches are her re...

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Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker continues the conversation on Emergence today talking about how growth and outgrowing is another constant on our journey. We’ve been outgrowing thing for our entire lives. Our first emergence is when we outgrow the womb and enter the world. 

And just like the other components of Emergence, it is not easy. Growing and outgrowing can be painful––it may involve leaving something...

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July 3, 2023 15 mins

Change is constant, and it is easy to compare ourselves to others — and find ourselves coming up short. It’s easy to compare what’s happening on the outside of our body to what is happening on the inside, and not feel great about one or both. 

But that moment of comparison is just a snapshot of what’s generally a work in progress, so we’re not just comparing apples to oranges, we’re often comparing apples ...

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Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker continues to walk us through the process of Emergence. If you’re in a tender season and feeling stuck there, maybe it’s time to shake things up a little. She tells us the three things you’ll need while navigating your process of Emergence. 

  1. Rest
  2. Distraction –– small changes or change in scenery
  3. Read more
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Emergence is a process and the “figuring it out” is a big part of this journey. Emergence Coach, Wendy Sloneker is pointing us to to really identify and respond to those “nudges” that are already there right inside of us. And not totally figuring it out is okay too; it takes time and the progress is just as important as the path you’re on. 

The path forward will present itself. And if you’re ready, Wendy would love to ...

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Obstacles are a part of life. Pretty sure that's not a revelation to anyone, but it's useful to shout it out from time to time. 

In this episode, Emergence Coach Wendy Sloneker is taking us through an introduction to a resource you're going to want to get hold of: Wendy's eBook and...

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June 5, 2023 14 mins

Portal, doorway, rabbit hole, Stargate, hero's journey — however you choose to term it, there are times we just have to go through change, good, bad, or indifferent. 

Change, even for the better, can be difficult and disruptive, so how do we re-learn our approach to it? How do we move through that door, hop down that rabbit hole, knowing the process may be painful, or worse, not having any idea what lies beyond?

In this episode, Em...

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Welcome to the brand new podcast Emergence from Life’s Biggest Obstacles with Emergence Coach, Wendy Sloneker! To kick us off, Wendy shares what Emergence really means and how the process can look and feel so different under different circumstances. 

Emergence happens throughout our lives, not just once. So while the transformation can be as beautiful and mysterious as the caterpillar turning into a butter...

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