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Welcome to Empowered Up with Jessie Ptak! We'll be going deep into personal development, trusting our intuition, and exploring how to live in a way that embodies the most empowered and authentic version of ourselves. I'm a life coach for millennial moms, empowering them to develop confidence around who they are as individuals so that they can create lives they're excited to wake up to. For years, I felt silenced by self-doubt, low self-esteem, and the shame I'd been carrying after my experience with sexual assault. After hitting rock bottom shortly after becoming a special needs mom, I realized that I hadn't been truly living my life -- only existing. That's when I began my journey to self-empowerment. This journey from victimhood, to survivor, to full on thriver, has inspired me to make it my life's mission to empower other girls and women to step into their power, discover their voices, + live lives true to who they are. Thanks for listening! Go do somethi... Show More

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