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221: Russell Gray | 2019 Forecasts & Trends in Real Estate

December 31, 201842 min
You will be impacted. Learn the latest in rent increases, interest rates, affordability, inflation, asset values, tariffs, institutional money in real estate, the “Build-To-Rent” trend. Learn why large companies raise rents faster than “mom-and-pop” investors like you. Russell Gray of The Real Estate Guys and I share what we discovered at prominent conferences this month. He co-hosts the amazing Investor Summit At Sea. I’ve attended this unique, world-class real estate investing event. Get event details. Send an e-mail to: It could be the best investment that you make in 2019. __________________ Want more wealth? 1) Grab my FREE E-book and Newsletter at: 2) Actionable turnkey real estate investing opportunity: 3) Read my best-selling paperback: __________________ Listen to this week’s show and learn: 02:22 Tariffs effect on you. 05:48 Affordability. 09:05 Interest rates, inflation. 12:55 Small, but higher yields on savings accounts, CDs. 18:12 Institutional investors’ impact on you. 26:55 The “Build-To-Rent” trend in SFHs. 28:55 Buy vs. Rent your primary residence. 30:18 The special and transformative Investor Summit At Sea. 35:43 You could sit at a small table with Robert Kiyosaki. Resources mentioned: Investor Summit At Sea Mortgage Loans: Cash Flow Banking: Turnkey RE: QRP: Find Properties:

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