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The Impact of Live Events

August 5, 20176 min
Great Escape Radio Episode #70: Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop For information on Great Escape Publishing’s upcoming live events, visit “Action is the foundational key to all success.” -- Pablo Picasso Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, talks to us about the impact of attending a Great Escape Publishing live event. Jody’s been listening to recordings from last year’s Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop and ran across a number of testimonials from attendees speaking to the quality and value of this live event. He shares several of those stories with us this week. You’ll hear from an attendee who traveled a day and a half all the way from Perth, Australia to attend the event in New Orleans last year—and he says he wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Others share how the event has given them the encouragement, tools and confidence to pursue a freelance career as a travel writer. Cindy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana shares how she spent three years trying to figure out how to be a freelance writer—banging her head against the wall the entire time. “In the first half-day at the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in New Orleans I learned more than I’d learned in the last three years I spent trying to figure this out!” The next Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop is in Washington DC from September 15th through 17th but unfortunately sold out before we could even release this podcast! For information on other upcoming Great Escape Publishing live events, visit

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