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The Get Shit Done Chat (#GSDChat) was created to give awesome people an opportunity to share the experiences of what they went through on the way to their success: the failures, stumbling blocks, and hardships they experienced; how they overcame them; and how they got shit done to earn the successes that people see today. The purpose behind this is two-fold. The GSDChat highlights the successes that people have. All over the world, people are doing amazing things and it’s so easy for someone to think, “They're so successful, they have it so easy...” but they don’t understand the blood, sweat, and tears that went behind it. This chat dives into that aspect of it. The GSDChat also wants to show that these successful people have experienced similar drawbacks along their path, whether it be internal or external, as others have and that it’s completely possible for anyone to work through it, do what they love, and get shit done.... Show More

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