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S4E02 | Find Your Voice w/ Fred Sands, IV - HIM.


This week on HIM, the boys are joined by talented designer & fellow podcast host (check out Groove Theorists!!) Fred Sands, IV! It’s a kii & a lesson as they navigate albums that changed their lives, how much sharing is too much on social media, & finding one’s creative voice. Use the #HIM to share your thoughts on Episode 081! Be sure to check out our weekly questions thread via Twitter every Friday, and as always follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheHimPodcast and hit up our website himpodcast.cofor blog posts and other resources. Send us your questions to our email wearehimpodcast@gmail.com and you may hear it on the show. FOLLOW OUR GUEST (and their show): Fred Sands, IV: @ivormerlyknownas (IG) / @ivourth (Twitter) Groove Theorists Podcast: @groovetheoristspodcast (Available on Apple Podcasts & Soundcloud)


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S4E02 | Find Your Voice w/ Fred Sands, IV - HIM.