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HDD Radio #63: Hey, We're Back!

June 10, 201761 min
Yo, we're back on the air! Two months since our last show, we've taken care of the technical difficulties that took us out of the game for a min. So let's all celebrate with some radical music you can most def bug out to. tracklist: Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim – Kalaari Suite (Jazzman) DJ Sotofett – Version Last Waltz – Tunnel Snakes (Red Axex & Naduve Remix) General Ludd – C Xinobi & Lazarusman – See Me Edith Massey – Punks, Get Off the Grass DJ Spanish Fly – A.B.C.D.E.F.G. (Don’t Fuck With Me) DJ Zirk – 2 Thick DJ Paul – Sweet Robbery Lady Bee – Junts We Choke (feat Skinny Pimp & Lil Gun) Buckshot – Ridin’ Steamer (Born 2 Lose) (feat Criminal Manne & Primo)

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