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Retired Couple Becomes The Exercise Coach in Dallas, TX

August 4, 201717 min
Pat Sculley and his wife always wanted to get into business together. Pat worked for EDS in Dallas for 23 years and his wife was working in HR. After Pat retired he spent some time working with non-profits but realized he wasn’t happy. "I had semi-retired, working 30 hours a week,” he explains, “and I didn’t enjoy not being full time and fully engaged. I knew what would make me happy was being back in the game and having fun with it.” So he and his wife got back in the game, but it wasn’t easy. At first they worked with a broker to find an appealing business but came up empty. When their broker recommended looking at franchises, the Sculleys said they didn’t want to be in the food industry! But with a little coaching the Sculleys learned about non-food franchise opportunities. The broker presented three franchises to them and they went about conducting their due diligence. At the end of the process, more than four years ago, they selected The Exercise Coach, a new franchise based in Chicago. The Sculleys decided to bring The Exercise Coach to Dallas, TX where they now operate three units. This is a business that personally appeals to the couple and they knew they could build the brand locally and sell it as an asset in the future. Pat shares his story with Dr. John Hayes on the How To Buy A Franchise Show.

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