Karma on the Karmic Path

Karma on the Karmic Path


#53 Karmic Humor: Liberal vs Conservative

January 17, 201711 min

11 min
#52 Being Scared to Death

January 10, 201711 min

11 min
#50 News Years Resolutions

December 27, 201610 min

10 min
#49 The Snow Globe

December 20, 201619 min

19 min
#47 Religious Separatism

December 6, 201614 min

14 min
#46 Moral Climate Change

November 29, 201611 min

11 min
#45 The Karma of Healing

November 15, 201612 min

12 min
#44A Election Karma 2016

November 11, 20169 min

9 min
#44 Your Illness May Not Be About You

November 8, 201619 min

19 min
#43 The Greed Vibration

November 1, 201619 min

19 min

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The Karmic Path Series Drop a pebble in still waters. Watch the corresponding ripple effect that glides out in 360º of energetic reaction to the introduction of that one single pebble. The ‘dropping’ of that pebble is the action. The ‘ripple’ effect of that pebble is the reaction. This is karma. We are all dropping pebbles in the karmic pool that defines the lives we are living, whether we are conscious of it or not. All of our actions are creating an energetic ripple effect throughout time and space every moment we live; and all of those ripples are colliding with the ripples from other dropped pebbles. This is why karma is complicated, because we are constantly impacting other people whom we do not know. Sometimes we drop a pebble in the pool and sometimes we toss a bolder in that pool. The size and degree of action and reaction inevitably determine our moment-by-moment karmic path through this and future lives. The purpose of the Karmic Path podcast series is to provide the tools and the insight to enable all of us to be more mindful of every single pebble or boulder we are dropping into that energetic karmic pool of life. Our actions affect all of those around us in either a neutral, beneficial or detrimental manner. Many times we may not know the effect our actions will have on others. However, there are those instances when we do know without a shred of doubt, that the very next action we take will have a huge impact on another person and that impact will inevitably ripple, ricochet or echo back to us. Listening to each podcast in this series will awaken you to an entirely new world of understanding and empower you to grow emotionally and spiritually. May you be ever mindful of your words and actions as each of you walk your own personal karmic path.... Show More

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